What is the Average Cost of Home Security Monitoring?

The average cost of home security monitoring is $35 per month for Alarm Grid customers. This cost might be lower or higher for other alarm monitoring companies. But for Alarm Grid, $35 per month provides a customer with cellular monitoring and service from a central monitoring station.

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The cost for alarm monitoring service tends to vary between different alarm monitoring companies. At Alarm Grid, we provide monitoring services at a fair and reasonable price. While our monthly monitoring fee might not always be the cheapest, we work very hard to always provide the best possible service for our customers. That is why many people choose Alarm Grid over all the other available options for home security.

The most popular monitoring plan from Alarm Grid is the Gold Plan. This plan costs $35 per month, and it includes central station monitoring service, cellular connectivity, remote Z-Wave control, access to Total Connect or Alarm.com for remote arming and disarming and the ability to receive email and text alerts for any system events. This is the perfect monitoring plan for most users looking to get started with home security.

We also offer less expensive plans if a user is willing to give up some of these features. For example, we offer self-monitoring plans that include all of the functionality of a standard monitoring plan, only without service from a central monitoring station. This means that the user will not be able to receive automatic emergency dispatch. Instead, the user will receive email and/or text alerts regarding any system events. It will then be up to them to contact any emergency help that is needed. Choosing a self-monitoring plan can be a good idea if a user wants to save money, and they don't benefit greatly from central station monitoring.

Likewise, if a user has a Honeywell System access with Total Connect, it is possible for them to forgo cellular monitoring and use internet monitoring instead. Monitoring plans that don't offer cellular monitoring are less expensive. However, cellular monitoring is very important, as it offers the ultimate reliability for an alarm system. Unlike WIFI or hardwired ethernet connections, cellular service almost never goes down or becomes unavailable. Cellular connectivity is also unaffected by typical electrical outages, and it will keep the system monitored when the power is out.

If a user is willing to forgo central station monitoring and cellular monitoring, then the least expensive monitoring plan we offer is the Self-Bronze Plan at just $10 per month. This is a fantastic option for users who only require the bare minimum of monitoring service. Please note though that Z-Wave smart home devices cannot be used with our Bronze-level monitoring plans.

It is also important to remember that Alarm Grid does not charge users any added or hidden fees. We do not charge our customers any activation or cancellation fees. And since we are a DIY company, we do not roll any trucks, and we do not send any technicians out to the homes of our customers. All support is provided online or over the phone, and we never charge any installation or support fees. With Alarm Grid, the price you see is the price you get, every single time. This is not always the case for other monitoring companies, which may charge customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars for installation.

Other monitoring companies may also charge activation fees and cancellation fees if the customer decides to switch to a different monitoring company. Alarm Grid is no-contract, and customers are free to leave Alarm Grid at any time, at absolutely no cost. And since all of the equipment we sell is non-proprietary, they are free to take their system to a different monitoring company if they choose to do so.

For more information about our alarm monitoring plans and the cost of service, please check out our Alarm Monitoring Page.

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