What is the Best Z-Wave Compatible Security System?

The best Z-Wave compatible security systems are the IQ Panel 2 Plus and the 2GIG GC3. The reason that these systems are the best for Z-Wave smart home functionality is because they have Z-Wave Plus controllers. This allows them to achieve all the features available with Z-Wave Plus.

Z wave plus

Z-Wave refers to a wireless communications protocol that is most commonly used with home automation devices. The fifth generation of Z-Wave is called Z-Wave Plus, and it offers superior range, reliability and battery life when compared with standard Z-Wave devices. For the ultimate Z-Wave experience, we recommend using a Z-Wave Plus controller with Z-Wave Plus devices.

However, Z-Wave Plus controllers are still backwards compatible with classic Z-Wave devices. If a user has older standard Z-Wave devices, they will still be able to use them with their Z-Wave Plus controller as regular devices. The only difference is that they won't obtain the range, reliability and battery life of Z-Wave Plus. Likewise Z-Wave Plus devices can be used with a classic Z-Wave controller. But when doing this, the Z-Wave Plus devices will operate as if they are standard Z-Wave devices.

With that in mind, using a Z-Wave Plus controller features no drawbacks when compared with a standard Z-Wave controller. By using a Z-Wave Plus Controller, a user will be able to unlock the full potential of their Z-Wave Plus devices, while still being able to use their classic Z-Wave devices if desired. So if a user intends on obtaining a new Z-Wave controller, we generally recommend making sure that it is Z-Wave Plus. Additionally, a user should try and obtain Z-Wave Plus devices over classic Z-Wave devices whenever possible.

The IQ Panel 2 Plus and 2GIG GC3 Systems both utilize Z-Wave Plus, which makes them both perfect for serving as the central hub for a smart home automation setup. Both security systems allow the user to control their Z-Wave devices directly from the panel. Additionally, both the IQ Panel 2 and GC3 can be used with Alarm.com so that the user can control their Z-Wave devices remotely. This is made possible through the Alarm.com Mobile App, which can be accessed virtually anywhere on an Android or iOS device.

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