What is the best Z-Wave thermostat?

The best Z-Wave thermostat is one that most importantly functions reliably and efficiently as a local thermostat and secondly has practical, user-friendly home automation integration and remote access features which result in one touch control and energy savings. The Honeywell ZWSTAT also known as TH8320ZW1000 fuses the reliability and experience of Honeywell hardware with the flexibility and versatile functionality of Z-Wave control. Although there are several Z-Wave thermostats on the market, the ZWSTAT's integration with your Honeywell alarm system grants you all its 'smart' features without breaking the bank.

The ZWSTAT is the best Z-wave thermostat for a few reasons. First of all, the ZWSTAT is the only Honeywell z-wave ready thermostat will integrate with your Honeywell VISTA panel or LYNX Touch alarm system. In order to integrate any z-wave devices with a Honeywell alarm system you will first need to install a Z-wave controller. The wired VISTA panels will need a Tuxedo Touch WIFI or VISTA Automation Module (VAM) while the LYNX Touch panels require the L5100-ZWAVE module. This allows you to create scenes, rules and scheduling based on security actions (i.e. arming), sensor faults (i.e. motion detected) and/or sensor alarms.

The unit is a robust thermostat that quickly learns the time it takes to reach set points in order to accurately reach the temperature set points based on preconfigured scheduling. The menu driven programming makes it easy for anyone configure the unit regardless of experience. When setting up z-wave devices you do not need to sacrifice the quality of your control equipment for technological convenience. The ZWSTAT is a unit that combines the HVAC industry's leading name in temperature control systems (Honeywell) with the versatile remote access that comes along with Total Connect 2.0.

The Total Connect 2.0 interactive application allows alarm owners to control not only their security system but also automation devices as well. Although Alarmnet (the provider of Total Connect 2.0) does incur a $10 monthly charge for adding remote automation control, there are some very cool features built into the app. For example, in Total Connect you can remotely execute any scene you would like and preconfigure scenes to be triggered on just about any occurrence on the alarm system. Turn up the temperature on your way home on a cold night. Set the thermostat to energy saving mode when you are away if you forgot on the way out the door.

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The Lyric round actually can pair with Total Connect "directly" since it's not a Z-Wave thermostat. Here is the enrollment guide so you can see how it's done: https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/lyric-thermostat-total-connect-2-dot-0-enrollment-guide
Can you hook up a Lyric round thermostat to VAM to use in the total connect app?
OK, I am interested in the Z-wave thermostats and I am going to use the TotalConnect 2.0 app. I have 3 thermostats in the house. I see Zwave thermostats a lot cheaper than the Honeywell ones. I was wondering what their compatibility would be. I like the CT100. We don't really utilize the scheduling function. But I would like to be able to control the temp from work or warm my detached workshop up w/o having to go outside
Also, Honeywell just began to integrate Honeywell WIFI thermostats that support the TC comfort app. Z-Wave thermostats are still the only ones that speak directly to the L7000 and offer control from the keypad. However, now the Honeywell WIFI thermostats are compatible with the Total Connect 2.0 app. This means you can integrate control of your WIFI thermostats with your security and automation devices. Currently, this integration is limited to iOS devices in order to link the TC comfort thermostats to your TC 2.0 account. Feel free to email us at support@alarmgrid.com for more details.
Most Z-Wave thermostats should be compatible. Honeywell lists the ZWSTAT, Wayne Dalton, Trane, Residential Control Systems (Mode TZ45), Intermatic InTouch (Model CA8900), Radio Thermostat Company of America (Model CT30, CT32 and CT100) and Remotec Z-Extender ZXT-120 Z-Wave to AC IR Extender as all being compatible and others may work as well.
Is the TH8320ZW1000 ZWSTAT the only Z-wave thermostat compatible with the L7000 panel? Or can I use another Z-wave thermostat
The ZWSTAT does work with the L5000 if you use the 5800ZBRIDGE. You can check the manuals for the ZWSTAT at https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/products/honeywell-zwstat to determine if it will work with your heating/cooling system.
how do you know that it will work with an L5000 system? How do I know that it will work with a Lennox system (heat pump with propane furnace backup)?

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