What is the Cost of Wired Systems vs Wireless Systems?

The cost of wired systems and wireless systems is roughly the same. Wired systems can seem cheaper at first, but the cost becomes about equal when one considers that wired systems require more add-ons. But when it comes to sensors, wired sensors are usually cheaper than wireless sensors,

If one is just comparing the price of a base system, then hardwired systems are almost always cheaper. But a hardwired system won't be ready to use right out of the box. The system will need various add-ons to function. These add-ons can include a keypad for controlling the system, a communicator for sending out signals, a wireless receiver for supporting wireless sensors, zone expanders for supporting additional wired zones and more. But on the other hand, a wireless system will often require none of these added accessories. So when it comes down to it, the cost of a wired system and the cost of a wireless system are about equal.

But for sensors, it is a different story. Wired sensors are almost always cheaper than wireless sensors. Not only do wired sensors have a lower upfront cost, a user will also have to replace the batteries for wireless sensors every few years. But this still doesn't mean that wired systems are cheaper. A wireless system can also use hardwired sensors if they obtain a compatible wired to wireless converter for their wireless panel.

For instance, Wireless Honeywell System can support a Honeywell 5800C2W to use cheaper wired sensors. But do keep in mind that wired sensors are usually more costly to install if a user hires a professional installer. Wireless sensors are much easier to install, and a user can often complete the process on their own without having to drill any holes. The installation costs may be able to offset the higher costs of the wireless sensors. And also keep in mind that wired to wireless converter will also cost money.

As for monitoring plans, there's no difference between wired and wireless systems. A monitoring plan only determines what type of signal reporting and services a user will receive for their system. These factors are the same across wired and wireless systems. As a result, both system types use the same monitoring plans with alarm monitoring companies. So there really isn't room to save money in one's monthly monitoring costs by going with a wired system.

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