What is the Difference Between the Installer and Dealer Codes on an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5?

The difference between the Installer and Dealer Codes on an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 is that the Dealer Code has greater authority. There are a few select actions that the Installer Code cannot complete. However, the Dealer Code has access to virtually any system programming setting.

Interlogix simon xti front view of wireless security systemInterlogix simon xti 5 80 632 3n xt5 front image

The following functions can only be performed using the Dealer Code, and not the Installer Code:

  • Changing the Dealer Code
  • Changing the length of codes
  • Changing the Download Code
  • Locking the Phone
  • Changing Phone Numbers 1 & 2
  • Changing the Report Mode for Phone Numbers 1 & 2
  • Adjusting HW1 Function

Please note that the Dealer and Installer Codes can perform any action on the system, with the sole exception of disarming the system when another code (such as the Master Code) was used to arm it. This allows users to keep these codes at their default value without experiencing any major security risk.

One important note is that the Installer Code and the Dealer Code both have the same default code of 4321. If they are both kept at this setting, entering the Installer Code will provide the same access as entering in the Dealer Code.

Both of these codes can be changed at any time if desired. The Dealer Code can change itself and the Installer Code. But the Installer Code cannot change the Dealer Code. If either the Dealer Code or the Installer Code is changed, then no other code for the system can use that same code. With that in mind, the only possible way to keep the Installer Code and the Dealer Code set to the same code is to keep them at their default of 4321. If either code is ever changed, then the only possible way to restore both of them to 4321 is to factory reset the system.

Users are advised to keep both the Installer and Dealer Code set to 4321. This will prevent them from being locked out of programming and having to factory reset their panel. However, users should be aware that the Installer and the Dealer Code can be used to change other codes on the system while the system is in a disarmed state. With that in mind, a user should always keep a close eye on their system if it is disarmed while visitors are present. An untrustworthy visitor could potentially know the default Installer and Dealer Code to change the Master Code or create their own user code on the system. Therefore, it could present a major security risk if the system is ever left unattended while disarmed.

For more information on system codes, please see page 37 of the Simon XTi Installation Manual.

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