How Do I Reset an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 to Factory Defaults?

You can reset an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 to factory defaults by holding down the reset button while simultaneously powering the system on. The ADC cellular module will need to be removed when doing this. After the system reset, all settings and configurations will be set to default.

Please note that by factory resetting the panel, any programmed zones will need to be reconfigured. In addition, if the setting "Phone Lock" is set to On, defaulting the panel will fail to default certain fields. These fields are: account number, dealer code, code length, call wait cancel setting, phone numbers 1 and 2, phone report modes 1 through 4, phone lock, downloader phone number and downloader code. Only the dealer code can be used to enable or disable the "Phone Lock" setting. By default, "Phone Lock" is set to Off. For more information on the dealer code vs. the installer code, click here.

Complete the following steps to reset an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 System to factory default:

1. Prepare the panel. You will need a screwdriver to complete this step. Start by removing the outer trim from the panel. This will expose the reset button on the device. Then open up the back so that the add-ons can be accessed. Unplug the backup battery and disconnect the AC transformer from the wall. This should power the system completely down. You can confirm this by checking the panel's display screen. If it is blank, then it is powered down. Now, completely disconnect the cellular communication module (if installed).

2. Perform the reset. With the panel cover still open, hold down the reset button that was underneath the trim ring on the front left side of the panel. With the button held down, power on the panel by plugging in the AC transformer into the wall. Keep holding down the button until you hear an audible beep from the system. This indicates the panel is reset to default. You can confirm this by checking the system configurations and making sure that all of the settings are restored to factory default.

3. Reapply the add-ons. Unplug the AC transformer from the system to power it down again. With the system completely powered down, you can reinstall the cellular communicator (if applicable). Then power the system back on by first plugging in the system battery and then reconnecting the AC transformer. Make sure the system powers on.

4. Close the panel. Reapply the system's back cover, and then reapply the outer trim ring to fully close the panel. You will now be able to use the panel as normal, though all settings will be reset to factory default. Any sensors that were set up with the system will need to be reprogrammed.

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