What Is The "Keypad Tamper Lockout" Feature On a Lyric Security System?

The Keypad Tamper Lockout feature on a Lyric Security System stops the panel from accepting any numeric key inputs for 15 minutes. This happens if thirty (30) numeric keys are entered in a 15 minute period, without entering a valid code. The feature stops "brute force" entry into the system.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

The Resideo Lyric Alarm System has a Keypad Tamper Lockout feature that is designed to prevent "brute force" entry into the system. This feature cannot be disabled in any way. This feature works by not allowing any numeric key (0-9) inputs for a 15 full minutes once the lockout goes into effect.

The system will enter its lockout mode in the event that thirty (30) numeric keys (0-9) are entered during a 15 minute window, without ever entering a valid system code. If you press any numeric key during the lockout period, then the panel will produce a long error beep. The panel will remain this way for the next 15 minutes. Only then will you be able to try to enter a valid code. If a lockout occurs with the system owner, a full power cycle (transformer and battery) will reset the panel before the 15 minutes have expired.

There are a few additional events that occur when a Lyric System enters its lockout mode. A "Wrong Code Entry" event will be stored in the system Event Log. If the system is connected with a central station for alarm monitoring service, then an Event 461 - Wrong Code Entry alert will be transmitted to the monitoring center. Once the 15 minute lockout period expires, a restore message will be sent to the central station. The restore will also be logged in the Event Log.

Please note that any key fobs programmed with the system will continue to work during the 15 minute lockout period. The system can also continue to be controlled through Total Connect 2.0 during this time. However, you will not be able to activate any system duress functions during the lockout period. This includes any police, fire, or medical alarms triggered from the panel.

The lockout feature usually goes into effect because a user cannot remember their code. Even though they do not remember their code, they still repeatedly try to enter a valid input. Then the lockout goes into effect because the system thinks the user is trying to "brute force" their way into the system.

Another common occurrence that causes the lockout to occur is due to the use of a Guest Code. A Guest Code, or Babysitter Code, is a code that can only be used to disarm the system if the code was used to arm the system in the first place. A user may give the Guest Code to someone, arm the system with their usual code, and then expect the visitor to get in with the Guest Code. Then the visitor repeatedly tries to disarm with the Guest Code, only to find that it will not work. Remember, you can only disarm with the Guest Code if that code was used to arm the system.

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