What is the Range of the Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W?

The range of the Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W is estimated 300+ feet for non-line-of-sight when used indoors. This is about how far you can place the PROSIXC2W from the Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS System and expect it to function as intended. Remember that this is only an estimate, not a guarantee.

The PROSIXC2W is a wired to wireless converter for the PROA7PLUS. Wired sensors connect with the PROSIXC2W Module. The PROSIXC2W then sends wireless signals to the PROA7PLUS Alarm Panel. This allows the wired sensors to interface with the PROA7PLUS System. The PROA7PLUS will see the wired sensors as compatible wireless devices, and they will be able to enroll with wireless zones on the system.

The "range" of the PROSIXC2W refers to the maximum distance you can have the PROSIXC2W from the PROA7PLUS Panel and still have everything work properly. The wireless signals from the PROSIXC2W must be able to reach the PROA7PLUS successfully, or else the panel will not be made aware of any activity involving the connected sensors. It is estimated that the wireless range for the PROSIXC2W is more than 300 feet in an indoor environment. This is the same estimated range as other PROSIX Series Sensors.

When considering wireless range, there are a few things to take into account. First, range becomes reduced if there is not a direct line-of-sight between the transmitter (PROSIXC2W) and the receiver (PROA7PLUS). The signal can't travel as far if there are a large number of obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver. This represents another determinant of range. The presence of obstacles, such as thick walls and large metal objects, can make it more difficult for the signal to reach its intended destination, and therefore reduce wireless range.

The estimated range of 300+ feet indoors without line-of-sight represents arguably the most useful estimate and the most likely range that the user will be able to achieve. While the range would likely be further in an outdoor environment with fewer obstacles and a perfect direct line-of-sight between the PROSIXC2W and the PROA7PLUS Alarm Panel, it is unrealistic that such a setup would ever be used in practice. The typical user is going to have the PROSIXC2W and PROA7PLUS set up in an indoor environment, with some obstacles. There also probably won't be a direct line-of-sight between the two. In the typical setup, a little more than 300 feet is what a user can realistically expect to achieve. It might be longer or shorter depending on the obstacles present, and the transmission path that the wireless signal has to take as it travels to the receiver. But in the typical setup, a little more than 300 feet is fair to expect.

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