What is the range of the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE?

The Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE is a Z-Wave® controller that complies with the Z-Wave standard of open-air, line of sight transmission distances up to 100'. When installed in a home or business, the environment of the property will affect the actual working range of the Z-Wave controller. Each wall or obstacle (large appliance) between the controller and the Z-Wave module will reduce the 100' range by approximately 25-30%. Brick, tile or concrete walls will reduce the wireless range more than walls made of drywall and studs. If you install a Z-Wave module inside a metal junction box, you will experience a significant loss of range to that specific device as the metal box blocks the wireless signal. Each Z-Wave device acts as a repeater to boost the signal to the next device. You can use this feature to get around tough spots or obstacle in your specific property by adding multiple Z-Wave devices to route the signal back to the L5100-ZWAVE controller.

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