What Is The Zone Discovery Feature On a Lyric Security System?

The Zone Discovery feature on a Lyric Security System is used to display the current zone list on a Total Connect 2.0 Virtual Keypad. You must activate the feature locally at the Lyric Panel. You can access the Total Connect 2.0 Virtual Keypad from the main TC2 screen after logging in.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

The idea behind the Zone Discovery feature is that it allows you to view all programmed zones remotely from Total Connect 2.0. However, you still need to have the feature activated locally by someone at the panel. The feature can be useful if you are working with someone who is off-site, and you want them to be able to see the complete zone list. Otherwise, it is usually easiest to just look at the programmed zones from the Lyric Panel.

In order to use this feature, you will need to access programming on the panel. This will require knowing the Installer Code for the system. The default Installer Code is 4112, but it's possible that it may have been changed. Starting from the main screen, you should choose Security > Tools > enter Installer Code > Test > Zone Discovery. This will transmit the zone data for the panel to Total Connect 2.0. The button will remain highlighted in blue while it is sending the data. Once the data has been sent, the button will return to normal.

However, this feature is only useful if you are currently logged into Total Connect 2.0 and at the virtual keypad screen. You can access the virtual keypad very easily. If you are in the virtual keypad and the Zone Discovery feature is activated, then all of the programmed zones will slowly display across the screen one by one. You can do this from both the Total Connect 2.0 website and through the mobile app.

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