What Kind of Wire Do I Need to Use to Install a DSC Impassa?

The kind of wire you need to use to install a DSC Impassa is an 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. A Honeywell LT-Cable can be used to make the installation easier. Other sizes of wire, such as 16-gauge or 22-gauge, can also be used. But the18-gauge size offers ideal insulation and flexibility.

The wire that is used with the Impassa will connect the system to its plug-in AC transformer. There are two AC connector ports on the board for the system. Since AC power is being used, polarity does not matter, and either colored wire can connect to either port. Polarity is also irrelevant when connecting to the AC transformer, and either colored wired can connect with either terminal on the transformer. When connecting to the panel and the transformer, make sure that the connections are nice and secure, but not overly tight.

If a standard wire is being used, the ends will need to be stripped to expose the interior copper. About a quarter of an inch will suffice. Make sure to use a proper wire-stripping tool when stripping the wire. However, you can avoid having to strip any wires by using a Honeywell LT-Cable. This wire comes already prepared. One end of the LT-Cable will connect to the DSC Impassa System itself, while the other will connect with the AC transformer. The two ends of the LT-Cable will meet with a male-female plug-in connection. This cable is ideal for making the installation as easy as possible.

But if you don't have a Honeywell LT-Cable, a standard 2-conductor wire will work just fine. We find that the 18-gauge size is the easiest to work with. But users have also used 16-gauge and 22-gauge wires without experiencing any issues. All of these wires are standard, and they can be purchased from virtually any hardware store. The panel should power on automatically once the connections are made and the transformer is plugged-in. We also recommend connecting the backup battery to keep the system powered on when the electricity is out. Please see this FAQ on getting power to a DSC Impassa for more information.

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