What Loop Number Should I Set for the Honeywell 5800MINI?

The Loop Number you should set for the Honeywell 5800MINI is Loop Number 1. Setting the Loop Number to a different value within zone programming will prevent the sensor from working with the panel properly. The 5800MINI will work with nearly any panel with a 345 MHz wireless receiver.

Honeywell 5800mini interior wireless door and window sensor

Many panels require you to set a Loop Number when enrolling a new wireless sensor. This setting determines how the sensor is used with the security system. The Loop Number can be set between 1 and 4, and it must be configured correctly for the sensor to work properly. For a sensor with multiple functions, you may program the device to multiple system zones, with each zone having a different Loop Number. For example, a sensor might use one Loop Number for its contact reed switch and a different Loop Number for functionality as a wireless transmitter.

The 5800MINI is a wireless door and window contact sensor that lets a system know when a door or window is opened. It does this using a sensor and a magnet. The sensor is installed on the moving portion of the door or window, and the magnet is installed on the door or window frame. When the door or window is opened, the magnet will become separated from the sensor. This will release the sensor's internal metal reed switch. The sensor will then send out a 345 MHz wireless signal to let the system know that the door or window has been opened.

As a wireless sensor, the 5800MINI is a single purpose device. It does not serve any other function outside of operating as a contact sensor. As a result, it only needs to use one Loop Number. In the case of the 5800MINI, this is Loop Number 1. The Loop Numbers 2, 3 and 4 are not used with the 5800MINI. If you choose one of these Loop Numbers when programming a 5800MINI, then the sensor will not work. You must use Loop Number 1 with the 5800MINI.

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