What Peripherals Come w/ a Security System?

There are usually no peripherals that come with a security system. Most systems require that various add-ons be purchased separately. Some alarm systems include an transformer and cable, but usually very little beyond that. But Alarm Grid does offer kits that include additional peripherals.

Peripherals can refer to many different accessories and additions for an alarm system. The most obvious types of peripheral are the sensors that report to the panel whenever they are activated. Other peripherals include devices like keypads, key fobs and external sirens. Although there are some exceptions to this rule, most alarm systems arrive pretty bare bones, and all accessories must be added.

The only accessories that a user can normally expect to receive with their alarm system are a transformer and power cable. These are used for providing power to the system. However, there are some alarm panels that do not even include these basic accessories. Again, these devices would have to be purchased separately. A good power cable to use with almost any alarm system is the Honeywell LT-Cable. The transformer that is used will depend on the type of control panel.

Obviously, a user will want some peripherals for their alarm system. At the very least, they will want some sensors. Alarm Grid offers various system kits that include basic sensors so that a user can get started more easily. Many of these kits also include a cellular communicator for more reliable connectivity with a central monitoring station. We recommend checking out one of these kits if you are new to alarm monitoring.

At the end of the day, peripherals are crucial for alarm systems. A panel needs sensors so that it can be alerted to any activity that occurs on the property. And other peripherals provide added functions and features to an alarm system. That is why adding them is very important.

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