What Security System Does The 6160 Keypad Work With?

The Honeywell 6160 is an alpha numeric keypad and is compatible with mostly all the Honeywell’s Vista series control panels. The 4111XM, 4120XM, 4140XM, 4140XMP, 4140XMPT, 4140XMPT2, 5110XM, 5110XM-9, 5120XM, 5140XM, VISTA 128BPEN, VISTA 128BPTSIA, VISTA 128FBPN, VISTA 128FBPT, VISTA 250FBP-9, VISTA 250FBPT, VISTA 32FB-9, VISTA 32FBPT, VIA 30, VIA 30P, VIA 30PSE, VISTA 10, VISTA 100, VISTA 10EX, VISTA 10EXSE, VISTA 10P, VISTA 10PSIA, VISTA 10SE, VISTA 120, VISTA 128B, VISTA 128BCN, VISTA 128BP, VISTA 128BPE, VISTA 128BPT, VISTA 128FB, VISTA 128FBP, VISTA 128SIA, VISTA 128SIAE, VISTA 15, VISTA 15PCN, VISTA 15PSIA, VISTA 20, VISTA 20HW, VISTA 20HWSE, VISTA 20P, VISTA 20PI, VISTA 20PS, VISTA 20PSIA, VISTA 20SE, VISTA 20SECN, VISTA 20SEUL, VISTA 21IP, VISTA 21IPSIA, VISTA 250BP, VISTA 250BPE, VISTA 250BPT, VISTA 250FBP, VISTA 32FB, VISTA 40EX, VISTA 48C, VISTA 48LA, VISTA 50, VISTA 50EX, and the VISTA 50P.

Although the Honeywell Lynx Touch series has 1 hardwire zone, it does not support hardwired keypads.

The 6160 keypad can be surface mounted directly to a wall or an electrical gang box. Wire the 6160 directly from the terminal block on the keypad to the terminal block on the control panel. No more than one wire per terminal may be connected. If daisy chained, pigtail wires together so that only one wire is under the screw (please refer to the panel installation manual for complete instructions).

The 6160 is an addressable keypad and must match an available keypad address in the control panel. The Honeywell Vista series control panels use addresses 16-23. To enter the keypad programming mode, power up the keypad and press and hold the numbers 1 and 3 together during the first 60 seconds of the keypad powering up. Once in programming the address can be entered.

The 6160 keypad has a 2 line alpha numeric display which is ideal as a primary keypad and also provides the ability to access star (*) 56 zone programming mode for easy programming.

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Is it compatible, it's likely not programmed properly. If you would like more support feel free to send us an email to support@alarmgrid.com.
i would like to know what keypad work with vista-40. I have a 6160, it seems doesn't.