What's the Best Place to Install 5800COMBO Smoke/CO Detectors?

The best place to install a 5800COMBO smoke/CO detector is in a central location or near a sleeping area where it can properly alert building occupants. The 5800COMBO device should be placed high up on the wall, away from any vents or ducts that may cause it to activate unintentionally.

It is recommended that every floor of a building has at least one smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. This makes it ideal to have a 5800COMBO on every floor of your home or business. We advise users to place these devices right outside of bedrooms and other sleeping areas. This is because most deaths caused by fires or carbon monoxide outbreaks occur while people are asleep.

If there is no bedroom or sleeping area on a given floor, then a large central area, such as a living room or den, is typically a good option as well. Hallways are also great locations for 5800COMBO devices, since a fire or carbon monoxide gas will typically have to pass through a hallway to reach other areas inside the building. Regardless of where the 5800COMBO is placed, it should be installed at least 5 feet off the ground or on the ceiling so that it can properly detect any dangerous fumes.

However, there are also places where a 5800COMBO should not be installed. These devices should not be placed near any vents or ducts, as the flowing air could potentially cause false alarms with the device. They should also not be placed in direct sunlight if possible. Kitchens are often poor locations for 5800COMBO devices, since the fumes from various kitchen appliances could lead to false alarms or throw off the sensor. Finally, we do not recommend placing a 5800COMBO inside a bathroom, since the continuous exposure to moisture and high levels of humidity could cause the device's CO detector to stop functioning properly.

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