Honeywell 5800COMBO

Smoke, Heat and CO Detector

Honeywell 5800combo smoke heat and co detector

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The Honeywell 5800COMBO is a wireless heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detector with a 10 year estimated life expectancy. The sensor supports three programmable zones. Buy it here.
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The Honeywell 5800COMBO is a wireless heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detector with a 10 year estimated life expectancy. The sensor supports three programmable zones. The serial number listed on the device matched with loop 1 is for smoke detection. That same serial number programmed with loop 3 is for low temperature detection. The CO zone is also loop 1 but uses the smoke detector's serial number plus one (i.e. 1234567 for smoke, 1234568 for CO). See guide for auto-enrolling with test buttons. The Carbon Monoxide zone uses a long-life electrochemical CO sensor to detect smoldering fires and abnormal levels of CO in the area. The low temp zone is a threshold of 41F degrees. The smoke zone is a bit more complicated since it is equipped with "multi-criteria sensing" technology.

Honeywell produced a unique algorithm which requires that at least two fire technologies are tripped before reporting back to the panel. The smoke detector is a standard photoelectric device designed to sense airborne particulates in the form of smoke. After this sensor has tripped it requires a second technology to confirm the fire. The second aspect of the algorithm can be heat, IR or CO. The heat detector is fixed temperature and will trip at 135F degrees. The 5800COMBO is not equipped with rate-of-rise heat detection. The IR portion of this devices uses an infrared sensor to scan the area for a combination of ambient light levels and fire signatures such as "flame flickers." Lastly the CO detector that can also be programmed on its own zone can serve as a verification for the smoke zone. In all the smoke zone requires smoke and either fixed heat, IR (flame flickers) or carbon monoxide to issue a fire alarm signal to the panel.

Traditionally alarm owners had to purchase two separate sensors: one for smoke and heat and the other CO detection. Combining all three forms of life safety detection into a single device may not be revolutionary. However the 5800COMBO is the first combination detector to be supported by professional alarm systems like Honeywell VISTA, LYNX Touch and Lyric series and even 2GIG GC2 and GC3 systems. That means it is fully UL Listed and supports central station dispatching through one of these compatible systems. The value of a combination detector like this is endless when it comes to the local aspect of potentially saving lives. It is only a convenient bonus that enrolling this sensor with a central station may incur insurance credits as well. Speak with your insurance agent about UL listed central station monitoring. It is important to specify the added benefits and possible credits for heat, smoke and CO detection.

This is a standard 5800 series device so it will require a wireless receiver for a VISTA panel but will work out of the box for any other wireless system listed above. If you are looking to use this product with other alarm systems check out the Resolution Products RE524X wireless translator. This will convert Honeywell RF signals to 2GIG, DSC, Interlogix (GE), and Qolsys alarm panels.

There is an LED that will determine the status of the sensor at all times and inform owners when the sensor is at it's end of life. There are specific patterns of blinks during CO, smoke and thermal alarms. Low battery detection will inform owners with plenty of time to replace the CR123A batteries. For those wondering about a local sounder, the COMBO has a 85dB piezoelectric siren which generates the ANSI S3.41 temporal 4 pattern for CO alarm and temporal 3 pattern for smoke and heat alarms.

NOTE: At this time, the Honeywell 5800COMBO is not deemed compatible with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus with the legacy 345 MHz daughtercard. For a list of devices that are approved for use with this panel, please review the sensor compatibility list.

Brand: Honeywell

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Hi John, Yes this will work as a stand-alone unit
Will this unit work stand-alone, as in, not connected to an alarm panel?
Nope, it cannot be powered by anything except for the batteries that are installed in the unit.
Can this be powered from building power and use the CR123 battery as backup? In other words, can it replace the standalone wired smoke detectors required in most modern building codes?
Yes use smoke and then set to with or without verification. With verification means the smoke detector needs to have continuous smoke going into it before it trips off your alarm. I suggest reviewing the user manual for the 5800combo if you are wanting to know how to fully program the device.
Working on adding this to a Lyric system and have a question about the instructions. Instructions say to assign a Zone Type = 09 (Fire) or 16 (Fire with Verification). I do not see those types - do I use "Smoke Detector" - which has Response types of "Fire No Verification" and "Fire with Verification"; or "Fire" which has "Fire No Verification"; or "Heat Sensor"? Seems like the combinations of photoelectric, heat and IR could be any of them. What do these different types mean when used with the 5800COMBO.
Emma, there are a couple of options, though they get a little complicated to install. Here are the links: These are a good option if you will have a multitude of sensors spread throughout a location. Using the COSMOD device, when any one of the devices goes into alarm, all will sound, but regardless if you choose the 4-wire or the 2-wire option, you'll have to have relays for resetting the smokes, and they will not wire to zone 1 on the Vista panels, like a normal 2-wire smoke would.
Is there a 2 or 4 hardwired equivalent to the 5800COMBO?
Yes, the 5808W3 can work with the Lynx panels, including the L7000.
is 5808 wireless smoke / heat detector compatible with all LYNX touch panels ? specifically lynx 7000 ?
Im sorry but there isn't a wired one go all go smoke detector made specifically for the Lyric
Is there an option for a smoke detector that can be used with lyric, has one-go-all-go, and gets power from building power with battery backup?
Hi Jorge I did mean equipment type.
If you mean sensor type you will want to use either the 24 hour fire or fire with verification. You could also use Carbon Monoxide if you plan to use the CO detector as well. Are you currently being monitored?
What equipment type should I use for the 5800COMBO on the 2gig gc3 panel? The 5800COMBO isn't listed. Do you have more specific installation instructions for the gc3 panel?
Hi Pete, Do you have multiple of the SiXSMOKES? If so, or if you think you may add additional smokes in the future, then the one-go-all-go feature is a worthwhile reason to keep those smokes. I personally, since you already have the SiXSmoke, would get the 5800CO, and I'd have one for each floor where CO might build up. In other words, I would not assume a CO detector at the top of the stairs would be good enough to cover both the basement, and the kitchen area. CO is about the same molecular weight as air, and it mixes fairly readily, it's not like smoke, which will rise.
Our Hallway is about 10 feet long leading to the bedrooms. In the center of this hallway is a return vent. I placed a SIXSMOKE 3 feet away from the vent closer to the bedrooms as recommended by NFPA. I'm thinking I should switch that with a 5800COMBO. I'm worried though, if the A/C is running it will suck CO and dump it into the bedrooms before it hits the 5800COMBO. Since the likely source of CO would be from the kitchen or the basement (opposite end of the hallway), should I maybe stick the 5800COMBO in that location instead? Or maybe I should just get a 5800CO on that end, and keep my SIXSMOKE on the other? Most important to me is my kid's room, which might warrant a 5800COMBO in there by itself. Does this all make sense? BTW Sterling, thanks for being so responsive, I signed up for monitoring a few hours ago, appointment is for Monday at 8pm.
Yes, all 5800 series devices are compatible with all 2GIG systems, including the GC3.
Will the Honeywell 5800COMBO work with the 2GIG GC3 system?
Yes, the 5800COMBO is compatible with all LYNX Touch panels, including the L5100.
Will the Honeywell 5800COMBO wireless heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detector work with a Lynx L5100?
No, only the SiXSMOKEs have the one-go, all-go feature. The 5800COMBO has a internal sounder on the detector that will sound the alarm and the panel the sensor is programmed to will also sound the alarm.
If one sounds will they all sound? Or is that just on the Lyric Smokes?
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