What's the Difference Between the Installer and Dealer Codes on an Interlogix Simon XT?

The difference between the Installer and Dealer Codes on an Interlogix Simon XT is that the Installer Code is more limited than the Dealer Code. There are a few select actions that cannot be completed using the Installer Code. Instead, these actions can only be done using the Dealer Code.

Interlogix simon xtThere are certain functions on the Simon XT System that require the Dealer Code. These functions include:

  • Changing the Dealer Code
  • Changing the length of codes
  • Changing the Download Code
  • Setting the Phone Lock option
  • Changing Phone Numbers 1 & 2
  • Changing the Report Mode for Phone Numbers 1 & 2
  • Adjusting HW1 Function

For all of these actions, the Dealer Code will be needed over the installer Code.

Please note, if "Phone Lock" is set to On, then performing a panel default will fail to change the following fields: account number, dealer code, code length, call wait cancel setting, phone numbers 1 and 2, phone report modes 1 through 4, phone lock, downloader phone number, and downloader code. So, if you don't know the dealer code, and you plan to reset the panel in an effort to set it back to default, there is a chance that it will not be changed, depending on the current panel programming.

The only action that these codes cannot perform is to disarm the system when the system was armed using a different code, such as the Master Code. That is why these codes can be kept at their default without presenting a security risk.

Interestingly, the Installer and Dealer Codes for the Simon XT System are both set to the same default of 4321. So if they are kept at this default setting, entering in the Installer Code will actually provide the same authority as entering in the Dealer Code.

Both the Installer Code and the Dealer Code can be changed at any time. The Dealer Code can be used to change itself and the Installer Code. But while the Installer Code can change itself, it cannot be used to change the Dealer Code. If either the Installer code or the Dealer Code is changed, then no other code can be set to that same code. The only way to keep the Installer and Dealer Codes set to the same code is to keep them at their default of 4321. If either code is changed, then the only way to restore both of these codes to 4321 is to factory reset the Simon XT System.

We recommend leaving these codes at their default setting of 4321. This will prevent the user from being locked out of programming and having to perform a factory reset. But it's important to note that when the system is disarmed, the Installer and Dealer Codes can be used to change other codes on the system, including the Master Code and any user codes. For that reason, users must always make sure to keep a close eye on the system if they leave it disarmed while they have visitors. If an untrusted visitor is able to program their own code or change the Master Code, it will present a major security risk.

For more information on system codes, please see page 36 of the Simon XT Installation Manual.

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