Do I need new GSMVLP5-4g to Change Monitoring Services?

No - a GSMVLP5-4G does not have to be replaced, however it does need to be released from the users previous monitoring company. When a GSMVLP5-4G cell communicator is installed, the MAC ID and CRC numbers off the GSMVLP5-4G cell communicator are registered to the users name and address by the monitoring company. Only alarm dealers can activate cell communicators and only the alarm company that activated the cell communicator can request it to be released from them.

If a user decides to change monitoring companies, during the cancel process request, the user should request the GSMVLP5-4G cell communicator be released. The release of a cell communicator is usually not done automatically by monitoring companies, so it is important for a user to request the GSMVLP5-4G cell communicator be released to prevent any delay in activating a system with any another alarm monitoring companies. Once the GSMVLP5-4G cell communicator is released, a user can be monitored by any alarm monitoring company that is affiliated with Honeywell’s AlarmNet they chose without having to replace it.

The GSMVLP5-4G cell communicator is compatible with the Lynx Touch L5000, L5100 and L5200 panels. The Lynx Touch L7000 is not compatible with the GSMVLP5-4G and requires the 4GL cell communicator. The Lynx Touch L5200 is also compatible with the Honeywell 4GL cell communicator.

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