Where do I install a 5853 glass break detector?

The Honeywell 5853 wireless glass break detector uses a finely tuned microphone which picks up the thud and subsequent crash of breaking glass. Ideally, the 5853 should installed directly across from the protected glass panes. For example, it can be wall mounted on the east wall of a room that has a row of windows on the west wall. Although this is ideal, the 5853 is designed to detect any specified (see details below) broken glass within a 25 foot radius. So if you are unable to mount the device across from the windows you can mount it on the same wall or an adjacent wall. A good rule of thumb is to have a direct line of sight from the detector to the protected glass. Heavy drapes and shades can be a factor in reflecting the raw sound of broken glass. This is why the physical placement is very important and oriented around the concept of the traveling sound waves reaching the integrated microphone.

We always recommend that doors and windows are protected with a contact as primary protection. Then using glass breaks and/or motions as a secondary solution. Most end users will choose between (or combine) motion and/or glass break detection. Motion detectors are generally more popular since they can cover a larger area and are much easier to test. However motion detectors tend to cause false alarms with pets and tend to be disabled when in arm stay mode. For these reasons, the 5853 offers a great way to protect glass entry points without having to deal with false alarms.

Glass break detectors are a great alternative and/or backup to motion detection when trying to protect windows and fixed panes of glass such as a bay window or skylight. The specifications on the type of glass and each pane measurement is important to consider and cross check before looking at this option. The 5853 Installation Manual spells these out in detail.

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