Where is the Power Button on an a LYNX Touch Security System?

There is no power button on a LYNX Touch security system. These panels can all be powered down by removing the AC power supply and backup battery. This will have the panel remain off after shutting down. Alternatively, a soft reset can be performed to have the panel turn back on immediately.

Removing the AC power supply and the backup battery is the only true method for powering down a LYNX Touch Panel and having the system remain off. The AC power supply can be removed by unplugging it from the wall outlet. This requires a screw driver, as the power supply will most likely be screwed into the outlet. If you can't reach the transformer right away, you may also use a small flathead screw driver to disconnect the power wires from the circuit board of the panel. Be very careful when using this method to power down. Do not short either of the power wires, as this could damage the panel, or the transformer. You will still need to either unplug the transformer or turn off the circuit breaker for its wall outlet after removing the wires from the alarm panel.

Once the system is no longer receiving AC power, the panel can be opened up and the backup battery can be removed. A blank screen will indicate that the system is powered off.

Another option is to perform a soft reset of the panel through a system reboot. This will have the system power back on immediately after shutting down. Neither removing the power source nor performing a system reboot will cause any settings or configurations to be lost.

Complete the following steps to perform a system reboot:

1. Access master programming. From the home screen of the panel, go to Security > More > Tools > enter Master Code (default is 1234). You will now be inside of master-level programming.

2. Perform the reboot. Choose the "Test" option, and then select "Reboot". The panel will ask you if you are sure. Select "Yes". The LYNX Touch System will then initiate the rebooting process.

3. Test the system. The rebooting process can take up to six minutes to fully complete. You will see a message that says "System Standby" while the system is still booting. After the process has finished, the message "security system status" will be displayed. You can test the system by arming and disarming. If you are able to arm and disarm successfully, then the system is working properly.

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