Which Alarm.com Cameras Support Onboard Recording?

The Alarm.com Cameras that support onboard recording include the Alarm.com ADC-V515, the Alarm.com ADC-V523, and the Alarm.com ADC-V723. This feature has the camera store recorded footage on an added Micro SD card. The footage can be viewed remotely using the Alarm.com website or mobile app.

Any Alarm Grid monitored customer with full Alarm.com Video Surveillance (Platinum Plan or Video-Only Plan) can use the onboard recording feature with a compatible camera. There is also a minimum firmware requirement for each compatible camera. Each camera will have its firmware updated automatically once an onboard recording schedule is created for it. In order to have the onboard recording schedule option, the Alarm.com account must have this feature enabled by the alarm dealer. The firmware requirement for each camera is listed below.

  • ADC-V515 - Firmware Version or higher
  • ADC-V523 - Firmware Version or higher
  • ADC-V723 - Firmware Version or higher

You will also need to obtain a Micro SD card for each camera that will be using onboard recording. It is strongly advised that you get a high-quality Micro SD card that is specifically designed for video surveillance. The card can have no larger capacity than 256GB. Each Micro SD card can only be used with one (1) camera at any given time. As new footage is stored, the oldest footage is deleted to make room. ADC lists the following Micro SD card brands as compatible:

  • Micron Industrial Memory Cards (Available in 128GB and 256GB)
  • SanDisk High Endurance
  • WD Purple Micro SD Cards

In order for a camera to begin recording, you must create an onboard recording schedule. This can be done using the Alarm.com website once the camera has a Micro SD card installed. Login to your Alarm.com account using a web browser, choose Video, then Recording Rules, then Local Recordings, then +Add New Schedule. You will be able to adjust the recording quality as desired. You can also set the camera to record continuously or only during select times. Lastly, you can choose how long a camera will retain any recording. Remember to Save your changes when done. Recorded video can be viewed from the Alarm.com website and the Alarm.com Mobile App.

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