Which Locks Work w/ a DSC Impassa?

Nearly all Z-Wave locks will work with a DSC Impassa Alarm System once its Alarm.com cellular has been installed an activated. This module serves as a Z-Wave smart home controller for the system. The user will need an alarm monitoring plan with cellular service in order to use this module.

Dsc scw457aatnt front openIn order for any Z-Wave device to be used, it must be hosted by a Z-Wave controller. The DSC Impassa Security Panel can serve as a Z-Wave controller once an Alarm.com cellular communicator has been installed and activated with an alarm monitoring company. The system is capable of supporting up to 232 Z-Wave devices with this module. This includes Z-Wave locks and other Z-Wave smart home automation devices.

However, the DSC Impassa does not provide the capability for local on-site Z-Wave control. Instead, all operation for Z-Wave devices must be done through Alarm.com. This service can be accessed through either a web browser or through the Alarm.com Mobile App. The Alarm.com Mobile App is available for free download for iOS or Android devices. Once the lock is enrolled, the user will be able to control it individually or integrate it in with smart scenes for automatic operation.

A Z-Wave lock is added to the DSC Impassa through the Z-Wave Setup menu. Before adding the lock, it is recommended that the user first clear it from the network. This is done in case the lock had been previously enrolled with a different Z-Wave network. Many locks are enrolled with Z-Wave networks before they even leave the factory for testing purposes. Therefore, it's a good idea to always clear a lock from the network before attempting to learn it in. Please note that the lock may need to be brought close to the panel to complete the clearing and enrollment processes.

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