Which Outdoor Camera is Compatible w/ Alarm.com?

The ADC-V722W is an outdoor camera that is compatible with Alarm.com. This is a 1080P weather-resistant camera that will provide outstanding functionality in an outdoor setting. After installing the camera, you will be able to adjust its settings and view its live feed from Alarm.com

When choosing a camera for use in an outdoor environment, you will want to make sure that it is resistant to moisture and dust. With it's durable outer casing, the ADC-V722W will be able to handle virtually any type of environment that it is placed in. The camera will also function well in almost any temperature, ranging from extreme winter cold to scorching summer heat. Another great feature of the ADC-V722W is its ability to capture video in full 1080P quality. This will provide you with crystal clear videos so that you know exactly what is occurring outside your property. It also boasts an impressively wide viewing angle of 88 degrees.

Once you have installed the ADC-V722W camera, Alarm.com will serve as your central hub for accessing the device. From Alarm.com, you will be able to view a live feed of the camera, and you will be able to view any clips that are stored on the Alarm.com server. If you ever want to save a video clip for permanent use, you will be able to download the clip from Alarm.com and then use it however you would like. Alarm.com is also where you will adjust the settings and configurations for the camera, including its recording schedule, capture quality, sound recording options and more. The ADC-V722W camera can communicate with Alarm.com using a 2.4GHz or 5GHz WIFI connection.

In order to use the ADC-V722W with your system, you will need to have an alarm monitoring plan that includes video surveillance. Both of the Platinum-Level monitoring plans (Platinum and Self-Platinum) from Alarm Grid include this functionality. These plans will allow you to use up to eight security cameras with your system. We also offer a stand-alone video plan for customers who want video surveillance without alarm monitoring.

Specifications ADC-722W
Recording Quality
Up to 1080P
Viewing Angle
88 degrees
Recording Compression
H.264, M-PEG4
Image Sensor
1/2.9" CMOS, 2.1MP, 1920x1080
2.4" x 4.4"
Night Vision (IR Range)
Up to 40 Feet (12 Meters)
WIFI Connectivity
5GHz or 2.4GHz
Ethernet Connectivity
Outer Casing
Weatherproof, IP-66, UV Protection
Operating Temperature
-4° ~ 122° F (-20°C ~ +50°C)
Operating Humidity
20% ~ 100% (non-condension) RH
Lens Focal Length

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