Which Thermostats are Compatible with Alarm.com?

Most Z-Wave Thermostats are compatible with Alarm.com. If a user wants to set up a thermostat for use with Alarm.com, they must first have a Z-Wave-compatible panel that connected with their Alarm.com account. The user must then program that Z-Wave thermostat to their security panel.

Alarm.com is an interactive service platform that allows users to control their security systems in a number of different ways. A user can access their Alarm.com account at any time to arm or disarm their system, check the current status of sensors, control Z-Wave smart home devices and more. The ability to control Z-Wave devices extends to any Z-Wave thermostat that has been programmed with the panel.

The Alarm.com service can be accessed using a web browser or remotely using the Alarm.com Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. Once a user has accessed Alarm.com, they can manually adjust their Z-Wave thermostat as needed. The user can also include their Z-Wave thermostat in smart scenes to have the device activate automatically with certain system events or on a set schedule.

For instance, a user might have a smart scene called "Away", which tells their Z-Wave thermostat to stop heating or cooling the house when they set their system to Arm Away and leave for work. Another scene called "Home" might have the Z-Wave thermostat automatically reactivate when they disarm their system later. This can help save the user money on their energy bills. Please note that multiple Z-Wave devices, such as lights and door locks, can be included in a single smart scene.

Some great Z-Wave thermostats to use with Alarm.com include the Honeywell T6 Z-Wave Thermostat and the Alarm.com ADC-T2000. But virtually any Z-Wave thermostat will work for this type of function. Also note that the panel must be able to support Z-Wave devices to make this possible. For many panels, the Alarm.com cellular communicator also serves as the Z-Wave controller for the device.

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