Why Am I Not Receiving A Password Reset Email for My TC2 Account?

If a user is not receiving the option to reset their password, it is likely that incorrect information has been entered in the password reset screen. Verify that the correct username and email/phone information has been entered. The correct data must be entered for the reset to be sent.

The need to reset the Total Connect 2.0 password is fairly common. If you're a TC2 user and you've ever gotten a new mobile device, you've probably encountered this issue. Resideo (formerly Honeywell) has made it much easier for users to reset the password themselves. But there are still some potential quirks with the process.

When we at Alarm Grid create a user's account, we do so using the email address the customer provided when signing up for service. An email address is required by Resideo for account creation, and in addition, the username for every user must be unique within all of Total Connect 2.0. For this reason, we choose to use the customer's email address as their user name as well.

Once we turn the account over to the customer, they are free to change the username, add additional emails, remove emails, and even choose to go with only a phone number for SMS. The only requirement is that at least one destination, either email or SMS, must be entered for each user. This is in part so that each user can perform a password reset when necessary. That is why knowing what information to provide to achieve a password reset can be confusing.

To reset the Total Connect 2.0 password, follow these steps:

1. Access the login page. This can be done from either a mobile device, or a web browser, but we will show screenshots from the perspective of a web browser. At the Total Connect 2.0 website, choose the option "Problems signing in?"

2. Select "Forgot Password". From the options provided, select "Forgot your password."

3. Provide requested information. Provide the username and either the email address or the phone number associated with the username that requires the password reset. If there is no email address associated within TC2 for the username supplied, then putting an email address here won't do any good. It won't produce an email with a password reset. Instead, enter the phone number that's associated with this particular username.

Below is an example of what we're discussing. This user has only a phone number for SMS associated with their login. If the user attempts a password reset using an email address, then they will receive nothing because there is no email address associated with their login (even though the username itself is an email address). Also note that even when the "Email Notifications" option is disabled for regular alarm system notifications, requesting a password reset using the correct username and either the email address or phone number will provide the link for a password reset.

In summary, if you attempt a password reset using your normal email address, and you do not receive an email with a reset link, try the password reset process again. But this time use the 10-digit phone number of the phone where you receive your TC2 text notifications. If after trying this you are still unable to reset your password, contact your TC2 provider. They will be able to verify whether you have email or phone information associated with your login. They can even push a password reset to the validated phone or email address listed, if necessary.

NOTE: Only a validated email or phone number will receive the password reset notification. For that reason, it is very important to validate the information entered for each user at the time of account or user creation.

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