Why am I Not Receiving Fire Notifications from My Lyric Panel via HomeKit?

You are not receiving fire notifications from your Lyric Panel via HomeKit because HomeKit does not provide specific alerts for fire alarms. However, HomeKit can still send a General Lyric System Notification during a fire alarm. Lyric notifications must be enabled from within HomeKit.

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HomeKit will only send specific notifications for Zones with a Response Type of Entry/Exit 1, Entry/Exit 2, Perimeter, Interior Follower or Interior w/ Delay. These are not Response Types that would be used with a smoke and heat detector. But HomeKit can still send notifications for an activated fire alarm through a General Lyric System Alert. These alerts are sent out whenever the Lyric System goes into an audible alarm. This includes a fire alarm.

If you want to receive these alerts, you must enable notifications for the Lyric System from within HomeKit. All General Lyric System Alerts are grouped together, and their settings are configured collectively. If you would like, you can configure who will receive these notifications and restrict time periods when they are sent out. However, you must make sure the options "Include in Status" and "Allow Notifications" are enabled.

One disadvantage to doing this is that you will not know the specific type of alarm that occurred. A General Lyric System Alert doesn't tell you the type of alarm that occurred. You will have no way of knowing whether the alarm was for a burglary, fire or medical emergency.

You can see an example of what a General Lyric System Alert on an iPad looks like in the following pic:

Needless to say, a General Lyric System Alert is very vague. That is why it is important to pair HomeKit with Total Connect 2.0. Unlike Apple HomeKit, Total Connect 2.0 will tell you the specific zone that was faulted. Total Connect 2.0 can send you the alert through text and/or email. More information on the differences between Apple HomeKit and Total Connect 2.0 can be found here.

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