Why does the Exit Delay Change On My Honeywell L7000?

The exit delay is the number of seconds provided to exit the premises after arming. The exit delay begins again from the beginning when pressing the reset button on the display during the countdown, and entering a user code, or if an entry/exit door is opened a second time after the countdown has begun. Silent Exit arming removes the exit beeps and also doubles the exit delay.

To Program:

  1. Click Security
  2. Click More
  3. Click Tools
  4. Enter the Installer Code (Default 4112)
  5. Click Program
  6. Press the down arrow (▽) to the right
  7. Click System Settings
  8. Restart Exit Timer and Quick Arm fields are three lines down.

The L7000’s exit delay is a timer that is enabled for any security zone programmed as an “Entry/Exit” zone. This setting allows a user to pass through the door after arming the system when leaving the premises, and also lets the user pass through the door to disarm the system when returning to an armed panel. The Exit Delay timer duration determines how long a user has to exit the location after arming the system.

The Silent Exit feature doesn’t require special programming to be enabled. When arming the system, a user can press the Silent Exit button. This will disable the exit delay beeping, and double the exit delay timer.

With the Restart Exit Timer feature enabled, a user has two options to restart the exit delay. If an entry door is opened and closed for a second time during the exit delay, the exit timer will restart. This is useful when forgetting to grab something in the location after arming and walking out. This allows users to re-enter the location, do what they need to quickly do, and exit without having to disarm the system fully and go through the arming process again. Also, during the exit delay countdown, a restart button can be pressed on the system. Upon entering a user code, the exit delay countdown will restart from the beginning. The Quick Arm feature needs to be enabled for the restart button to appear.

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