Why does TC 2.0 show "Authentication Error" when I arm?

Total Connect 2.0 will issue an authentication error when arming, if the user code in the panel is different from the user code in Total Connect 2.0.

Total Connect 2.0 is a service that gives an end user the ability to interact remotely with their Honeywell Alarm System. Most Honeywell Vista Panels, Lynx Touch Panels and all Lyric Panels are compatible with Total Connect 2.0 service. As long as an alarm company is an AlarmNet dealer, they will be able to configure access to this service to end users. Typically, access to Total Connect 2.0 is included as part of a paid service contract or monitoring plan.

Using Total Connect 2.0, a user is able to remotely arm and disarm the system, create, edit and delete users, add email addresses and phone numbers for notifications to be sent, and control home automation devices remotely. Users can be configured to each have their own unique login, and permissions can be set differently for each. This allows the master user to prevent other users from adjusting certain parameters when they log into the app. Each user that signs into Total Connect 2.0 will be logged with their own profile information to identify any status changes that they make. Any actions will be noted, and can be viewed by looking at the “Live Events” notification pane, and can be sent as an email or text notification as well.

Anytime a user remotely arms or disarms the system, Total Connect 2.0 sends the command to the panel with the user code assigned to their Total Connect 2.0 login. The user code will need to be the same in Total Connect 2.0 and the panel in order for for the command to be properly processed. If the user codes do not match, a user will get an “Authentication Error” when attempting to arm or disarm. A user can simply edit the user code in the panel to match the code in TC2, or click the “Synchronize Users” button in Total Connect 2.0. This will push down any changes and sync user information between the panel and the program. When syncing user codes, the sync is logged in “Live Events” in TC2. You will be shown when the sync begins, and whether or not it was successful. Once the sync is successful, you know that the user code in Total Connect 2.0, and the user code in the panel are the same. If the sync fails more than twice, it may be easier to change the code in TC2 to match the panel, sync successfully, then change the code in TC2 to what it should be, and sync successfully again. User syncs can only be done from the Total Connect 2.0 web page, or from the iPad TC2 app.

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