Why Is My Honeywell FG-1625 Chirping?

The Honeywell FG-1625 is a hard wired Glass Break Detector and will not produce any chirping.

If a user is hearing chirping, the first thing to do is check the keypad. If there is no trouble showing on the keypad the chirping is not coming from any device connected to the alarm panel.

If the keypad is showing a green ready light and the alarm system is “ready to arm” the alarm system fine. In most cases there is a battery operated smoke detector installed and the chirping is coming from that.

The Honeywell FG1625 Glass Break Detector requires a four wire run connection to the alarm control panel and no batteries are used.

The Honeywell FG1625 should be mounted on a wall or ceiling across from the glass/window/door and not more than 25 feet away and 6 ½ feet above the floor. . Do not install the glass break with furniture, partitions, heavy curtains and even plants in the direct line of site, this can cause interference with the sound of breaking glass.

The Honeywell FG-1625 glass break detector can protect the following types of glass: plate, laminated, tempered, wired, coated and sealed insulating but each type varies in min to maximum thickness. Please check the install guide for the range of thickness for the glass the FG-1625 will be protecting.

The only real way to test your FG-1625 is to use a FG701 tester. Some users try to test it by dropping keys and that’s not 100% reliable.

One Honeywell FG-1625 glass break detector can protect multiple windows in the same room. For the maximum protection, window contacts and motion detectors should also be installed.

A key factor in protection is redundancy.

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