Why Is My Lyric Gateway Always in Not-Ready to Arm Mode?

The Gateway goes into "not ready to arm" mode when a magnetic door or window sensor is too far from the contact, if motion is detected, or if it isn't properly closed. Click “Alert” on the system to see open zones and trouble conditions, or use the MyHome Gateway or Total Connect 2.0 apps.

Burglary zones are usually Normally Closed devices, but can be Normally Open. A display of "fault" indicates that the device is in the "off-normal" state. With a magnetic door or window sensor, “off-normal” means that the magnet is far enough away from the contact to put the sensor in a “fault” state. Magnetic switches have an internal reed switch that closes when close enough to a magnet. When the magnet is pulled away, this is seen as an open zone, or "fault." Closing the door or window will remove the zone fault. With hardwired motion detectors, a fault will display on the system if motion is detected. If there are hardwired motion sensors on the system, the rooms that the sensors monitor will need to have zero movement occur when the user arms the system. It should be noted that wireless motions go into a 3 minute sleep mode if they activate when the system is disarmed.

If the system has a tamper trouble, the app and the system itself will announce it, and the user will be able to see what's causing the tamper issue. If a security device has a tamper, the user will want to check that the device has its cover firmly closed, and that it's correctly seated on its back plate. The Lyric Gateway has a tamper button on the panel's back plate, and on the cover on the top of the unit. If either of these aren't in place, the system will have a tamper trouble. The tamper trouble for the back plate of the Gateway will display as “Zone 900 Cover Tamper.” If the top of the unit isn’t replaced properly after installing a cellular communicator, a tamper can occur. This will be displayed as “Zone 901 Expansion Module Tamper.” Another issue that can cause a trouble is if a security device is having difficulty communicating with the system. Security devices, with supervision enabled, continually check-in with the Lyric Gateway. If the Gateway doesn’t receive a check-in signal, it will go into trouble, and notify end users that the system is having trouble communicating with the zone. This will need to be resolved before the user is able to arm the system, either by troubleshooting the device, or by bypassing the zone.

The MyHome Gateway app is free to download, and available on iOS and Android devices. Any zone faults or troubles will be displayed on the home screen, at the top. Total Connect 2.0 is an app that is typically part of a monitored plan, and requires the system to be monitored by a Honeywell dealer. Under the security section in the app, there is an option to load up a keypad and view the sensors on the system. Any troubles in the system will then display on the virtual keypad. Any sensors that have a trouble condition will have an icon next to them, indicating a problem. It's important to note that the Lyric Gateway can't be used as a security system without monitoring. Also, the system's programming can only be adjusted remotely by an alarm monitoring company.

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