Why Is The TC2 Mobile App Showing a Different Arming State Than My Panel?

The Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App is showing a different arming state than your panel because TC2 has not received an update from the panel. Once TC2 receives the update from the panel, the mobile app should reflect the current arming state. You might speed this up with a panel sync.

Total Connect 2.0 is an interactive monitoring and automation platform used with Honeywell Security Panels. The TC2 platform is designed to display the current system status at all times. But if there is a problem or issue with the signal transmission, then TC2 will not be able to receive the status update. As a result, the incorrect status would be displayed on TC2. For example, if you arm you system, and the arming signal never reaches its destination, then TC2 will still think the system is disarmed and display that status.

It is important to understand that Total Connect 2.0 cannot update the exact same instant you arm or disarm your panel. The signal transmission has to travel from your system to the AlarmNet360 Servers. This will take a few seconds, even with the fastest possible WIFI or LTE cellular connection. If you are wanting Total Connect 2.0 to update the displayed status, try waiting a brief moment. Once the signal has gone through successfully, you should find that Total Connect 2.0 displays the correct status.

If you are finding that TC2 is not updating the displayed arming status, then there may be something wrong with the communication path. Check the WIFI and/or cellular connection for the system, and make sure that the system is communicating successfully. You might also try performing a panel sync on Total Connect 2.0. You can do this from TC2. After logging in, choose Settings > Locations, and select the proper location. Find Panel Sync Status. If you see the "Sync Now" button, press that button to perform the panel sync. TC2 should then update so that the correct status is displayed.

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