Why Won't My Honeywell L5200 Disarm?

In most cases, the reason that a Honeywell L5200 won't disarm is because an incorrect code is being entered. When the panel is in an armed or alarm state, a valid code must be used to disarm the system. Depending on the code used to arm the panel, some codes may not work to disarm it.

Multiple user codes can be programmed into an L5200 panel. Two codes will come pre-programmed, these being the installer and master codes. The installer code (default is 4112) is used to program and test the system. The other default code is the master code (default is 1234). This is the primary arm and disarm code that the user enters into the panel.

In addition to arming and disarming, the master user can also program other codes into the panel. This allows for other users to arm and disarm the panel without having to know the master code, and allows the master to tell who armed or disarmed, using the event log. Included among the secondary codes are user and guest codes. Just like the master code, a standard user code will be able to arm or disarm the panel at any time.

A guest code will only be able to disarm the system if that specific code was used to arm it in the first place. Most users give the guest code to people who will not be using the system regularly, like a babysitter or a maintenance person. If you'd like the guest code to be able to disarm the system, you'll need to arm using it.

The same rule for guest codes also applies to the installer code. If the master or any other user is used to arm, the installer code can't disarm. This also applies to quick arming. The installer code should only be used when programming sensors or other devices into the panel, or when testing. It should never be used to arm or disarm the panel.

There are some situations in which the alarm will silence, but the panel will not fully reset. In these cases, the most likely cause is that the sensor that tripped the alarm has not been restored. For example, an open door that triggered the alarm has not yet been closed. Close the door, then disarm again, and the alarm display should clear.

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