Why Does Nothing Happen When I Click Programming on L5210?

There’s a few reasons why nothing happens when a user clicks programming on an Lynx Touch L5210.

First, the wrong code maybe being entered. Users must enter the four digit installer code, not the master code. Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112. The installer code is the only code that allows users to get into programming. The Installer programming menu allows users to add, delete or make changes to devices or zones, change system settings, and change delay times.

If 4112 is not allowing entry to programming, users will need to enter via the “back door” by rebooting the panel.

To reboot: Tools > Master Code > Test >Reboot > when the white screen appears > press and hold the Home button > do not release the Home button until the green bar across the top of the screen appears and it reads “Ready To Arm > press Security > press Arm Stay > a number will appear, press Clear followed by 00 > press programming > enter new 4 digit installer code.

Keeping the default installer code as 4112 should be no concern for security. The installer code is the only code that allows entry to system programming but cannot disarm a panel that wasn’t armed with the installer code. The installer code can change the master code but cannot add or delete any user codes.

The master code is the primary code for the alarm system. Only the master code provides access to the user menu. The user menu is where the master code can add, delete or edit user codes. The master code can view the event log, set the system clock, control home automation and of course arm and disarm the alarm system even if the system was armed with a different code.

If both suggestions have been tried and still no luck entering programming, it’s possible that the previous monitoring company has locked the panel and no one except that company can enter.

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