Will a Honeywell 5800PIR Motion Activate an Audible Alarm?

Yes, a Honeywell 5800PIR Motion will activate an audible alarm. This is assuming that the device is programmed as an Interior Sensor and the system is set to Arm Away. The sensor can also cause an audible alarm if it is programmed as a Perimeter Sensor and system is Armed Away or Stay.

Honeywell 5800pir exterior of wireless motion detectorThe Honeywell 5800PIR is a wireless motion detection sensor that responds to changes in infrared (IR) energy caused by movement. This is good for detecting motion inside a building when nobody should be present. In most cases, this is accomplished by setting the 5800PIR as an Interior sensor. An interior sensor will only cause an alarm if the system is set to Arm Away. The Arm Away setting means that there is not supposed to be anyone inside the building. If an Interior sensor is activated while the system is Armed Away, it means that there is someone inside the building when there shouldn't be. This will cause an immediate system alarm.

However, if an Interior sensor is activated while the system is set to Arm Stay, then nothing will happen. Arm Stay means that while nobody is coming and going from the building, there is at least one person still inside the building. In this arming state, Interior sensors will not cause alarms so that the people inside the building can move freely. Instead, Interior sensors only cause alarms when the system is Armed Away. Keep in mind though that an Entry/Exit sensor must be activated when Arming Away if Auto-Stay Arming is enabled. If Auto-Stay Arming is enabled and no Entry/Exit sensor is activated, then the system will automatically revert to Arm Stay mode instead.

However, it is a different story if a motion sensor is set as a Perimeter sensor. This is the most other common setting for a motion. With a Perimeter sensor, an immediate alarm will occur if the sensor is activated while the system is Armed Away or Armed Stay. This is a more secure setting than Interior, as the sensor will cause an alarm in any arming state, provided that the sensor is not bypassed. Additionally, many panels will technically allow a motion sensor to be programmed with any possible configuration of settings. This includes setting the motion as a "24 Hour" sensor that can cause an alarm regardless of whether the system is armed or disarmed. But in most cases, a motion sensor like the 5800PIR will either be set as Interior or Perimeter.

Also keep in mind that an audible alarm will only occur if the system has a properly functioning siren. The system needs some type of sounder in order for an alarm to occur. If there is no sounder, then an audible alarm cannot occur. Remember, the main purpose of an alarm is to have the system report out to a central station and/or directly to the end user. If the siren isn't working or if it is disabled, then no sound will occur, even if the system still sends an outbound alert. The system must have a working siren and it must be configured for operation for a system alarm to be audible.

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