Will a Nest Thermostat Work on a Honeywell Lyric?

No, a Nest Thermostat will not work on a Honeywell Lyric. The Google Nest is a WIFI thermostat that is designed for use with certain automation platforms. Unfortunately, the Total Connect 2.0 service used with the Lyric cannot support a Nest Thermostat. You cannot sync a Nest and a Lyric.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

The Honeywell Lyric Controller is a centralized hub for both security and automation devices. Pairing a thermostat with the system is considered to be an automation function. You can have a compatible thermostat join a smart home network of lights, door locks, other thermostats, water valves, and more. This is typically done using Z-Wave devices, including Z-Wave thermostats like the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave and the Alarm.com ADC-T3000 Smart Thermostat. Another popular option is to pair the Lyric with a HomeKit network and use a HomeKit Thermostat. Then you can have your Lyric and your compatible WIFI thermostat on the same HomeKit network. And if you are using a Honeywell Home WIFI Thermostat, then it can usually be integrated with TC2.

But the Google Nest Thermostat is not compatible with the Lyric in any manner. It cannot be used with the Total Connect 2.0 platform for remote operation. And it is not compatible with Apple HomeKit for use in your HomeKit network. The Google Nest Thermostat does offer an Alarm.com integration that works very well, but like most systems from Honeywell and Resideo, the Lyric cannot be used with Alarm.com. The Nest is not a good thermostat to get if you are trying to build around a Lyric System. And if you already have a Nest Thermostat, then you might want to get a system that can be used with Alarm.com instead, such as a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus.

If you are looking for a thermostat to pair with your Lyric, then a Z-Wave thermostat is most likely your best option. An effective Z-Wave thermostat for use with the Lyric is the Honeywell T6 PRO Z-Wave Thermostat. You will be able to easily complete the Z-Wave enrollment process (remember to always exclude first!) and then pull up and access the thermostat both from the Lyric Panel and remotely from Total Connect 2.0 after completing a Z-Wave sync. You can also create TC2 Smart Scenes to have your T6 PRO Thermostat activate automatically with certain system events, such as your system being disarmed or a sensor on your system being faulted.

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