Will an Interlogix Simon XT Work w/ Google Home?

Yes, an Interlogix Simon XT will work with Google Home. To pair your Google Home device with your Interlogix Simon XT System, first enable the Alarm.com Action on your Google Home device. Then access the Google Home App, and provide your Alarm.com account information to Google Home.

Interlogix simon xtOnce you pair your Simon XT with Google Home, you will be able to control your alarm system using various voice commands. These voice commands can be used to arm the system, check the current system status, operate Z-Wave home automation devices and more.

Please note that you will not be able to disarm the system using voice commands through Google Home. Also note that you will need an active Alarm.com account in order to do this. Your Simon XT will need to receive cellular monitoring to work with Alarm.com.

Complete the following steps to pair your Interlogix Simon XT System with Google Home:

1. Enable the Alarm.com action. Go to your Google Home device and say, "Okay Google, talk to Alarm.com." This will tell the Google Home service that you are trying to pair an Alarm.com account.

2. Open the app. From your Android or iOS device, open up the Google Home App. If you have an active Google Home device, you should also have the Google Home App installed. If not, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The Google Home device you spoke with in Step 1 should be paired with your Google Home account.

3. Sync your account. Since you instructed your Google Home device to sync with Alarm.com, the Google Home App should prompt you to provide your Alarm.com account information. You will need to enter in the email address associated with your Alarm.com and your password. After you log-in, your Alarm.com account should begin to sync with Google Home.

4. Test the device. Try using your Google Home device to control your system. Try saying, "Okay Google, ask Alarm.com, is the security system armed?" Your Google Home device should tell you whether or not your system is armed. If the command goes through, then your account was successfully linked.

When arming the system through Google Home, only Stay arming is currently supported. To arm Away, you must either use the alarm panel itself, or use the Alarm.com app directly.

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