Will Qolsys Sensors Work with Older Systems?

Yes, Qolsys Sensors will work with older systems, as long as the older system has a wireless receiver that accepts the 319.5 MHz frequency. This is the frequency used by Qolsys Wireless Sensors. Both the standard Qolsys Sensors and the encrypted Qolsys S-Line Sensors can be used this way.

Wireless alarm system sensors work by sending our wireless signals to alarm control panels whenever they are activated or experiencing a troubling condition (e.g. tamper cover, low-battery). These signals are sent at a specific frequency. In order for a wireless sensor to work with an alarm system, the panel must be able to recognize its wireless frequency and detect its signals.

In the case of the Qolsys Sensors, the frequency is 319.5 MHz. This happens to be the same frequency as the older Interlogix/GE Sensors. As a result, any system that accepted the older wireless Interlogix Sensors, will also accept the newer Qolsys Sensors. This includes the older wireless Interlogix Series Systems that have been on the market for many years. These systems include the Simon XT, Smon XTi and Simon XTi-5.

Some users are also surprised to find out that the Qolsys S-Line Sensors are also compatible with the older 319.5 MHz systems as well. These sensors utilize rolling code encryption when communicating with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 System. It is a common misconception that this encrypted communication protocol will prevent these sensors from working with other systems. In reality, they can work the same as any 319.5 MHz wireless sensor. The only thing to remember is that these sensors will only use encrypted communication when paired with the IQ2.

Additionally, there are also ways to translate the 319.5 MHz signal so that the Qolsys Sensors can be used with other systems as well. A notable example of this is the Resolution Products RE524X. This device will take the 319.5 MHz signal and convert it into another popular wireless frequency, such as 345 MHz or 433 MHz. This way, Qolsys Sensors can be supported by older systems that don't use the 319.5 MHz frequency.

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