Will the ADC-T2000 or ADC-T3000 Thermostat Work w/ Alarm.com?

Yes, the ADC-T2000 or ADC-T3000 Thermostat will work with Alarm.com. These smart thermostats were literally designed for use with the ADC platform. You can easily pair them with almost any Alarm.com System and start using them with ADC. In fact, they will work with any Z-Wave controller.

Alarm dot com t2000 smart thermostat

The Alarm.com ADC-T2000 and ADC-T3000 are smart Z-Wave thermostats. You install one of these thermostats in place of an existing thermostat to control the building's HVAC system. Then just pair the thermostat with your Z-Wave network so that you can start using it for smart functionality. Both thermostats are extremely easy to install and program, so you will have no trouble getting started. You might also consider using the Alarm.com ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor if you want to have your thermostat detect the temperature in multiple areas.

The advantage to using a smart thermostat is that you can really make your life more convenient and save money on your energy bills. By using Alarm.com, you will be able to control your smart thermostat from anywhere. This is made possible by using the Alarm.com Mobile App. This app is available for free download for both Android and iOS devices, so nearly anyone can take advantage of this service.

By opening the app, you can adjust the temperature as needed, even if you are off-site. You can also create smart scenes to have the thermostat activate automatically based on a set schedule or if the temperature goes outside a preset range. The smart scheduling is great, as you can have the thermostat heat or cool your home to fit your lifestyle. For example, you might have the thermostat work harder to keep your home comfortable during the hours you are at home. But while you are at work, you can have the thermostat relax a little bit to cut back on energy costs.

Remember that you will need a Gold Plan or higher to use Alarm.com for smart home automation. More information can be found on our alarm monitoring page. Be sure that the Thermostats or Lights & Thermostats feature has been enabled by your alarm dealer for your account. And if you use a different platform that uses Z-Wave like Total Connect 2.0, you can likely use an ADC-T2000 or ADC-T3000 with that platform if you want. Although these Thermostats were built for use with ADC, they will work with nearly any Z-Wave network. This includes Samsung SmartThings.

When comparing the ADC-T2000 and ADC-T3000, there are not many differences. The ADC-T3000 is the newer, updated model. It uses Z-Wave Plus communication, while the original ADC-T2000 only uses standard Z-Wave. By using the ADC-T3000 with a Z-Wave Plus controller or hub, you will find that it has extended wireless range and improved battery life. The ADC-T3000 also boasts a sleeker, refreshed design that you might find more aesthetically pleasing than the ADC-T2000. But they still look very similar. If you already have an ADC-T2000, then it will still work just fine with your Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus network.

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