Can total connect 2.0 work without monitoring services?

Most monitoring companies do not offer Total Connect without a central station backup.

However, Alarm Grid does!

If you have a system that is monitored via IP, you can use our standalone Total Connect service for only $10 per month without a contract! If you don’t have a Honeywell alarm system there are great alternatives such as Telular’s Telguard Interactive service.

If you have one of Honeywell’s many systems, you can be up and running with our Total Connect premium package in a matter of minutes. Just head over to our Alarm Monitoring page, add self-monitoring to your cart and checkout.

If you’re wondering what the hooks are, there really aren’t any. There are a few things that you can add to your service that will increase its price, however. If you want to use Total Connect through a cellular connection, that will cost more, as will adding video cameras to your system or remote home automation.

Even still, the price is great, and if you’ve had a chance to see the Alarm Grid difference, the service is excellent.

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That feature is called APL and is only active when the system is set with a central station as well.
Is there some sort of ping monitoring or smash protection included with this Self Monitoring?
Because it's sold through dealers by Honeywell and Honeywell charges the dealers for the Total Connect account. You are paying to have access to the service and with our Self Monitoring standalone Total Connect plan, you are also getting our free technical support for the $10/month.
Why do I have to pay anything to use total connect only?