Will Total Connect Work w/ an Interlogix Simon XT?

No, Total Connect will not work with an Interlogix Simon XT. Only certain Honeywell Alarm Systems can interface with Total Connect. Since the Interlogix Simon XT is not a Honeywell Panel, it cannot sync with Total Connect. However, the Simon XT can use the similar Alarm.com service instead.

Total Connect is an interactive service for Honeywell Alarm Systems. It allows users to arm and disarm their system, check the status of sensors and control Z-Wave devices. By using the Total Connect Mobile App, these actions can be performed from virtually anywhere. The major restriction of the Total Connect service is that it can only be used with Honeywell Systems. Since the Simon XT is manufactured by Interlogix and not Honeywell, it cannot use Total Connect.

But while the Interlogix Simon XT cannot use Total Connect, it can interface with Alarm.com. This is a very similar interactive service platform in terms of functionality. Just like Total Connect, a user will access Alarm.com to arm and disarm their system, check the status of sensors and control Z-Wave devices. Alarm.com also has its own mobile app for performing these actions remotely.

That said, a major difference between Total Connect and Alarm.com concerns their possible integrations with certain smart home devices and services. If you use devices or services such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you should check for their compatibility with the interactive service that you intend on using. Both Total Connect and Alarm.com are continuously working on updating their compatibilities. Just because a service or device isn't compatible with Total Connect or Alarm.com now does not necessarily mean that it won't be in the future.

Finally, before a Simon XT System can interface with Alarm.com, it must have an active cellular communicator. This module is added to the system separately. Cellular communication is the most optimal communication path available for an alarm system. This is because modern cellular communication is very fast, and it is remarkably reliable, with service almost never being down or unavailable. Please note that you will also need an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular service before your Simon XT System will be able to use cellular communication.

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