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The Smart Water Valve allows you to remotely shut off the water if a leak is detected. This is crucial for preventing costly flooding damage. You can also create scenes to have the water shut off if a flood sensor is activated. Buy the ADC-SWV100 Smart Water Valve here.
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The ADC-SWV100 Smart Water Valve is great for use with nearly any Z-Wave controller. This device is perfect if you ever need to shut off the water remotely due to a leak that could lead to flooding. We recommend pairing it with one or more flood sensors to know when leaks occur.

It is very important to put protective measures in-place in case a serious water leak or flood occurs. Not having an action plan ready could result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage. The best thing to do is to take proactive measures so that you are ready if there is a leak while you are away. Flood sensors are great for alerting you to a leak, but you need a smart water valve if you want to shut-off your water line remotely. That is where a device like the ADC-SWV100 Water Valve comes into play.

The biggest advantage to using a Z-Wave water valve like the ADC-SWV100 is that you can create a smart scene to have the water shut off automatically if a leak occurs. To do this, you would have a flood sensor operate as a trigger for the scene to occur. When the flood sensor detects a leak, it will transmit a signal to the alarm panel. This faulted zone would then tell the Z-Wave scene to go into effect to shut off the water. This is perfect if you might not always be able to check for a notification regarding an activated flood sensor.

The ADC-SWV100 uses Z-Wave Plus technology to communicate with a Z-Wave hub. By using a Z-Wave Plus controller, you can take advantage of the robust range and excellent reliability of the Z-Wave Plus protocol. Although the ADC-SWV100 was designed for use with the platform, you should have no problem using it with any Z-Wave hub that accepts water valves. This includes a security system that is paired with the Total Connect 2.0 platform. Note that when using this device with, the Water Management Add-On Package must be applied to your account by your monitoring company. If you have monitoring service with Alarm Grid, we will enable this feature at no additional charge.

There are many accessories included with the ADC-SWV100. You get the ADC-SWV100 Control Unit, a size 1" bass valve with female NPT threads, an actuator, a mounting plate, two (2) drywall anchors & screws, three (3) cable ties, a power adapter, and a user guide. The device is for indoor use only. The control unit measures 4.0"L x 2.75"W x 1.25"D. The actuator and valve measures 4.5"L x 2.0"W x 3.75"D. The power cable is 19.7 feet.

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