Water Valves

Water valves let you know if the water in your building has been left running. This is perfect for preventing wasteful water habits and possible water damage or flooding. Water valves are easy to set up, and they can greatly enhance systems. Buy water valve sensors from Alarm Grid.
Qolsys S-Line IQ Water Valve Kit
Z-Wave 700-Series Water Valve w/ 319.5 MHz S-Line Flood Sensor
List Price: $458.00
Our Price: $298.99
Qolsys PowerG IQ Water Valve Kit
Z-Wave 700-Series Water Valve w/ PowerG Flood Sensor
List Price: $458.00
Our Price: $298.99
Leak Intel Leak Gopher LGZW-1 - Z-Wave 3/4" Water Control Valve
Leak Intel Leak Gopher LGZW-1
Z-Wave 3/4" Water Control Valve
List Price: $728.00
Our Price: $474.99
Alarm.com ADC-SWV100
Z-Wave Plus Water Valve
List Price: $408.00
Our Price: $265.99
Alarm.com ADC-SWM150
Z-Wave Plus Smart Water Valve and Meter
List Price: $926.00
Our Price: $602.99

A water valve will send an alert to your security system if the associated faucet or plumbing valve has been left open and water is continuing to run. Wasted water is something that many homes and businesses unfortunately deal with every single day. With a water valve, you will know for sure whenever the water has been left running.

Many water valves can also be accessed remotely so that you can turn the water on or off from a remote location. If you leave your home and you find that the water was left running, then you can turn it off without having to return home. This is often done through Z-Wave technology, which is commonly used with many home security systems. Simply pair the water valve with the appropriate Z-Wave network to get started.

There are serious problems that can arise if a water source is left unattended. Water is a valuable resource, and everyone should do their part to help prevent wastage. Most people don't intentionally water water. They may leave a faucet running by accident or forget to close a plumbing valve. A water valve is a great option for alerting a user if their water has been left on by mistake. This is very important for maintaining a consistent and reliable water supply.

Another concern is cost. Water isn't free, and wasted water can quickly add up in a higher monthly bill. Homes and businesses alike can benefit from water valves to monitor their water usage and make sure that water is being managed responsibly. Many users have saved a lot of money in the long run using water valves, and there's no reason why you can't receive the same benefit. In time, it is likely that you will find that your new water valve has paid for itself.

Water valves can also help prevent water damage and flooding. An unattended water source could overflow and cause a serious leak. Many people have experienced costly water damage that could have been preventing with a water valve. Flood sensors are great for pairing with water valves so that you can catch leaks before major damage occurs. The water valve will let you know if the water has been left running, while the flood sensor will inform you about any leaks.

We strongly recommend using an interactive service platform with your water valves. This includes services like Total Connect 2.0 and Alarm.com. With an interactive service platform, you can receive alerts right to your smart phone whenever a water valve has been left faulted. This way, you can take action and shut off the water as soon as possible.

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