Does Support Water Valves?

Yes, supports water valves. But you can only use these devices if you have the Water Management Add-On Package enabled for your account. This must be done by your alarm company. Alarm Grid will enable this add-on package for no additional monthly charge for monitored customers.

Smart water valves are convenient devices that allow you to shut off your water line remotely. This can be very convenient if a leak or flood occurs while you are away. Smart water valves are often paired with flood sensors. A flood sensor will alert your alarm panel upon detecting moisture. Your system will send this alert to From there, can send you a text and/or email notification so that you know to shut-off the water. Another option is to create a smart scene using This smart scene will tell the smart water valve to shut-off the water line automatically when a flood sensor activates. This is a good option if you don't feel you can always respond quickly to a text or email notification when a leak occurs.

When selecting a water valve for use with, you should make sure to choose a Z-Wave water valve. Nearly all Security Systems support Z-Wave devices, and they can be easily set up for use with smart scenes. To get started, you should ask your monitoring company to enable the Water Management Add-On Package for your account. Remember that Alarm Grid customers can have this add-on applied for free. You will then need to enroll the Z-Wave water valve with your security system. This can be done in the same manner as virtually any other compatible Z-Wave device. From there, you can set up notifications and create a smart scene for your Z-Wave water valve from

If you are looking for a good water valve for use with, we recommend the ADC-SWV100 Smart Water Valve. This Z-Wave Plus water valve was specifically designed with the platform in mind. It comes with all of the necessary accessories, including a control unit, a base valve, and actuator, mounting hardware, a power adapter, and a user guide. The device is built for indoor use only.

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