What is the Alarm.com Water Management Add-On Package?

The Alarm.com Water Management Add-On Package enables the use of Z-Wave water valves with the Alarm.com platform. The convenient add-on also allows you to receive flood sensor alerts and monitor the usage of your water and sump pump. It is one of several Alarm.com add-on packages.

If you have active monitoring service and Alarm.com, then you can have the Water Management Add-On Package applied to your account. This can only be done by your monitoring company. Some monitoring companies may charge extra for this feature. However, Alarm Grid will apply this add-on package at no additional monthly charge. Alarm Grid customers can contact us at support@alarmgrid.com and let us know that they would like to have the Water Managment Add-On Package added. We will take care of the rest.

There are many things you can do with the Alarm.com Water Management Integration. The biggest feature is that it allows you to start using water valves with Alarm.com. These devices are convenient if you ever forget to turn the water off before leaving, or if there is a flood or leak affecting your main water line. Adding this feature to your account will result in a new Water Information Card being applied to the main page of the Alarm.com Mobile App when you log in. This is good for quickly checking the information on your water line.

The Alarm.com Water Management Package is also used with smart sump pump devices, which are great for stopping any flooding that may occur in a basement. The add-on also shows the current state of your smart water valve so that you know whether or not water is currently running. Alarm.com even offers their own water valve called the Alarm.com ADC-SWV100. This is a Z-Wave Plus water valve that is specifically designed for use with the Alarm.com Water Management Add-On Package. The device will work with nearly any Alarm.com Security System.

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