ADT Safewatch Pro 3000

Wired Security System Installed by ADT

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The ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 is ADT's branded version of a Honeywell VISTA 20P. An end user can upgrade a Safewatch Pro 3000 by replacing t...

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The ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 is ADT's branded version of a Honeywell VISTA 20P. An end user can upgrade a Safewatch Pro 3000 by replacing the prom chip. This is needed for accessing Total Connect. The system will be no different than before. It will no longer be using ADT's proprietary firmware, however. The new chip will make it a VISTA 20P, which is Honeywell's modern, wired system. The user will also be able to continue using any security sensors programmed in the system. All this makes the Safewatch Pro 3000 one of the best security systems for bringing over to a new alarm company.

The Safewatch Pro 3000 offers all the great features of a Honeywell VISTA 20P. A user can program up to 48 different zones in the VISTA 20P. They can be either wired or wireless zones. Add a wireless receiver must to make the system compatible with wireless. We recommend using the Honeywell 6160RF Keypad for this purpose. It is a keypad with an internal receiver. Additionally, the VISTA 20P supports up to 8 hardwired zones. Zone-doubling (with the exception of zone 1) brings the total to 15 hardwired zones. Installing zone expanders adds more hardwire zones. The VISTA 20P will allow a end user to install up to five Honeywell 4219 zone expanders. Each of these add 8 new zones. Total, the panel can handle up to to 48 combined hardwire or wireless zones. This should be enough for even the largest home installation. With a two-way wireless receiver, the panel also supports up to 16 key fob zones. These key fob zones are separate from any protection zones.

Presuming a PROM upgrade, the Safewatch Pro 3000 can take advantage of lots of new options. Adding a Honeywell iGSMV4G will allow the system to use a dual path communication setup. This type of communication path allows the system to communicate with cellular and/or IP. It is the most reliable connection method for a security system. A network connection, whether cellular or over the internet, allows Total Connect access. total Connect is essential for getting the most out of a security system. Using Total Connect, a user can arm and disarm their system from a remote location. A phone or computer can do this. The status of sensors is also communicated through the app.

Z-Wave functionality is another common upgrade for a Safewatch Pro 3000. Using a Honeywell VAM or Tuxedo Touch Keypad, a user can take control of most Z-Wave devices. Security events can trigger Z-Wave scenes. Total Connect will give a user access to the status of any devices programmed into the system as well. A user might turn their lights on when they disarm system. Or off when they arm it away. A Z-Wave thermostat will allow a user to control the temperature of their home and save on energy. When home, turning on air conditioning is automatic. Turning it off when everyone's away is as easy.

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Yes - the SafeWatch 3000 is ADT's version of the 20p, so the rev 3 or better requirement still applies. Rev 9.18 will work just fine.
I apologize. I was looking at another Vista 20P photo I had. The one in the Safewatch pro is WA3000 - 9.12 2010 REV 9.12 will that one work? Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks! It says 2013 REV 9.18. I assume that will work based on the 3 or higher
A Tux Wifi will work as long as the panel is Revision 3 or higher. The Rev number is printed on the sticker on the black PROM chip in the brown socket next to the heatsink.
If I have a Pro 3000 system will the Tuxedo wifi work with the system?
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