System Enhancement Module (SEM) with LTE Cellular Communicator

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The System Enhancement Module or SEM is a revolutionary product designed to integrate monitoring services with compatible Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA panels manufactured in 2005 or later. Learn how you can use the SEM to get your Honeywell Panel connected with

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The System Enhancement Module or SEM is a revolutionary product designed to integrate monitoring services with compatible Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA panels manufactured in 2005 or later. Normally, Honeywell Alarm Systems rely on the AlarmNet server to host communications. The SEM allows alarm panels like the VISTA 10P, 15P, 20P and 21iP to communicate with the robust platform.

The panel must be from 2005 or newer, and it must be running firmware version 3.1 or higher. If you aren't sure of the panel's firmware version or manufacture date, you can check the panel's PROM Chip. This is a small square black chip located on the panel's board. The chip should have a white sticker with a code that starts with "WA". The code should tell you whether or not the panel is compatible. Some branded equivalents like the First Alert FA168CPS can also support this module. Make sure your panel is compatible before purchasing an SEM.

Unlike AlarmNet that will support IP only setups, requires cellular communications. The beauty of the SEM is that it has an integrated cellular radio that can be registered using the dealer site. This particular model uses the Verizon 4G LTE network which offers incredibly fast data transfer speeds. If the LTE network is not available in your area you can purchase the ADC-SEM100-CDMA. This means that if you have an existing Honeywell VISTA-20P you simply purchase this single product and enroll with an dealer.

VISTA panels are traditional wired systems so the SEM will hardwire directly into the ECP bus. The incoming/outgoing data terminals as well as the ECP ground are landed on the VISTA panel. Then the SEM comes with a red wire that connects the 12V+ on your panel's backup battery to the SEM. There is a special fuse in line with this connection to prevent any shorts or back-feeding. Once these connections are made there are some programming steps that are required before enrolling in service.

The SEM uses keypad address 23 by default. This keypad address should be enabled and set to partition 1 before powering up. will generate a random master user code that needs to be locally programmed into the panel. Since this device allows alarm owners to manage user codes remotely via it requires that all user codes are wiped from the VISTA panel. Simply document your existing codes and delete them previous to the install. The dealer will also have access to delete the codes for you during the process if that is easier. These codes can be pushed back to the system after the services are activated.

Historically, Honeywell panels were limited to services like Total Connect hosted by AlarmNet. The SEM is a game changer. Now you can setup service and experience the benefits of the third party integrations like Nest thermostats, Lutron lighting, MyQ garage door technology, and much more.

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As many as the panel the SEM is attached to supports.
How many partitions can you have using the ADC SEM MODULE?
No this communicator is not compatible
Will this work with a 2017 honeywell 128BPT Vista Turbo with a Tuxedo touch wifi
What about current Honeywell vista turbo panels ?
You're welcome.
I haven't ordered it yet. I'm going to my distributor to get the product. I was just making sure since everything I had been looking at kept saying 15 and 20. Thanks so much!
Hi Amber, The SEM is certainly compatible with your VISTA-10P as it's newer than 2005/version 3.1+. However, I did notice the page you were on was for a discontinued version of the SEM. Have you already ordered one and you're wondering if it will work or are you looking to order one? If you can email and reference this page, we can assist further.
This says Vista panels 2005 and newer. I have a Vista 10P 2010 rev 4.11 will a SEM work or should I just upgrade panel to a 15P?
We would need to know more about your alarm system. Do you know the make and model? Feel free to email us at and we can connect you with our planning team to scope out your options.
My system was installed in 2010. Is there a way to integrate with it to utilize the hardwired sensors but replace the control panels and get the new automation with phones, and Nest, etc?
Here is our guide to the panels that can use the SEM: The FA1660 does not appear to be on there.
Is a SEM compatible with an FA1660?
See the top of page 5 of the Z-Wave user guide: The dealer website and MobileTech app are only available to dealers. You will have to press the button on the SEM to get into inclusion mode. Then ID the device based on the instructions for that specific device.
how do I program the SEM to recognize a GE Smart Switch
Yes, it has an integrated Z-Wave controller so that you can tie in Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats that you can then control through your account.
does t he SEM allow for home automation?
Yes, we were just clarifying that with the SEM you wouldn't be able to use IP communications as it would be cellular only. Honeywell/AlarmNet allows you to do IP, cellular or dual path (IP and cellular).
The article mentions "Unlike AlarmNet that will support IP only setups, requires cellular communications." Alarmnet supports both IP and GSM communications.
No, I don't believe it would work with that system.
Is the module compatible with the Galaxy Dimension used in Europe?
Yes, the SEM is compatible with the VISTA-20PSIA.
I know this product is compatible with the VISTA-20P, but is this compatible with the VISTA-20PSIA?
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