How to Change the Codes on a Honeywell Alarm System?

To change the codes on a Honeywell alarm system, you will follow a certain process depending upon the system type. A panel with a numeric keypad, such as a Honeywell Vista or an L3000, will have a different process than a touchscreen system, like a Lynx Touch panel or a Lyric Controller.

Any user code, including the Master Code can be changed on a Honeywell system at any time. You can also change the Installer Code, but we do not recommend doing this, as it could potentially lock you out of programming later. However, many users change the other codes on their panel for their own convenience and to prevent intruders who may know the default Master Code from accessing their systems.

For reference the default Master Code on any Honeywell Vista P series system is 1234. The default Installer Code is 4112.

If you have any hardwired Honeywell Vista system or a Lynx Plus L3000, you will need to know the current Master Code or the Installer Code in order to change any of the codes. Enter in the following commands to change the codes on your system:

Set a new Master Code: [Master Code] + [8] + [02] + [New 4-Digit Master Code] + [New Master Code again]

If you want to change the master code and you do not currently know the master code, you can also use the installer code to set the master code.

Set a new Master Code: [Installer Code] + [8] + [02] + [New 4-Digit Master Code]

Add a new user code: [Master Code] + [8] + [user #] + [New user code]

Delete a user code (Vista P Series): [Master Code] + [8] + [user #] + [#] [0]

Delete a user code (L3000): [Master Code] + [8] + [user #] (wait a few seconds, you will hear an acknowledgement beep)

The following video shows how to change the Master Code on a Vista P series panel.

For these systems, if you lose your installer code, you must enter the system programming using the backdoor method. This is done by holding down [*] & [#] during the first minute of power-up. Then, you can change the installer code in field *20.

However, if you have a touchscreen panel, then the process you will follow will be very different. Complete the following steps to change a Master or user code on a Honeywell touchscreen system, like the Lyric Controller or a Lynx Touch:

1. Access the users menu. From the home screen of the panel, go to Security > More (if using Lynx Touch) > Tools > enter Master Code (default is 1234) > Users. You will now be in the users menu.

2. Choose a code. Click on the code you want to change to highlight it. Then select "Edit" in the bottom-left corner in the screen.

3. Change the code. Select the "User Code" field. A keypad will be displayed for you to enter in a new code. First, press the "Clear" button, then enter in the desired 4-digit code. Hit "Done" in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You will be taken back to the menu for that user. Make any other changes, such as the user's name, then hit "Save" in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You will be returned to the users menu.

4. Return to the home screen. Press the home button on the front of the panel (the picture of the house) to return to the home screen.

If you're unsure of both the Master Code, and the Installer Code on an L7000, or an L5200, you can use the backdoor method (linked on each product name) to enter programming. Once in programming, press the down arrow at the right, and press "Reset Master Code". You'll be prompted for a "Yes" or "No". Press "Yes". This will set the Master Code back to 1234, and you can then follow the steps above to change it. It's also a good idea to edit the Installer Code while you're in programming, so that you won't have to use the backdoor method in the future. We recommend setting the Installer Code back to 4112.

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Hey Eric, The master code can only be changed from within programming. You would need the installer code. once you are in programming then the master code can be changed. (The Default installer code for that panel is 4111).
I have an Ademco via30+ and I reset my system. Whenever I try to change the master code, it will only accept 5 digits despite every manual I see telling me to enter a 4 digit master code. Any ideas?
I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting into your GE system. We would need a bit more information to help you. Do you know which GE system it is? I'm looking for the model name and the revision number of the software if you happen to know that? Do you know if the system is being monitored? Could you send us pictures of the system you have to
I have a GE home secretary system. I do not have code. My ceral number is 516489E0037728. Any idea. How to reset. So we can use it.
Thanks for quick response. I don't want to be a pain.. But this site has few users with own suite settings. Due to lockdown I won't have an access to that part. I have to work on a faulty gate but I can't get to engineering settings du to missing Eng Code. I don't want to messed up without knowledge that I won't lose a user settings. Hope there is some way. If not then I would rather to "miss" this profit.. Cheers
The panel is set up to keep the programming of the panel even if powered down. So you should not lose any information if the panel is powered own then back up.
if I use a "back door" method would I lose a system settings? I would like to change an installer code (as I dont know) but I would like to keep a system settings, zones etc. thanks for any advise
if you lose your installer code, you must enter the system programming using the backdoor method. This is done by holding down [*] & [#] during the first minute of power-up. Then, you can change the installer code in field *20. Once the new code has been entered, enter *99. Then you can change the master code: Set a new Master Code: [Installer Code] + [8] + [02] + [New 4-Digit Master Code] Then bypassing a zone is done by entering the master code, followed by 6 and the zone number.
I have an Honeywell 6150RF, but I do not know the user code. How do setup/change the user code and disable the chime? Thanks.
You can always backdoor into the panel by using this FAQ here:
I have a Honeywell vista-20p or vista-15p with a standard fixed-word display keypad. I know the master code. A 5853 glass breaker indicated on the key pad that I needed to change the batteries, I did, but now the key pad is indicating to check the zone. I have no idea why. I would like to either disable the zone or replace it with a new 5853 glass breaker. I tried the installer code 4112 but it doesn't work and the only way to have the alarm "ready" is to bypass the zone. How do I get into installer mode of the keypad?
Muy util, muchas gracias.
Hi George, K4392V2 is a model number from the plastic case for the keypad. Can you please email referencing this page and detailing the full 'WA' PROM number which will be located on the 1" x 1" chip in the center of your VISTA control panel?
I moved into a house where the previous owner had passed away. I'm playing around with the alarm and notice that there is no manual for the alarm. I plugged the beige box in and the green screen slowly scrolls thru 01-09, the system says BAT AC, and NOT READY. The model is K4392V2, M6983, WA15PMT, AND VISTA 15PMT. The 4112082wxyz doesn't work right now but might if the battery can charge up but the AC is on so maybe it should be working right now. A manual could help if there is one online.
Hi Rebekah, You may have a trouble on your device. Is your system currently monitored? I recommend contacting your monitoring company to access your programming if you are monitored with us please email us at
the armed and ready lights keep beeping on and off and the alarm beeps. I cannot get it to stop for more than a few minutes.
Oh nooo that sucks! Ok i will need another one then.
If you don't have a valid code to disarm the system, and the system is configured to reboot in the same state it powers down in (which it does sound like it's doing) then there isn't anything you'll be able to do to disarm the system. You will need to replace the system itself with a new if you do want to use a system in your home. The existing sensors you have can very likely be reused. If you are interested in upgrading your panel, feel free to email us at and we'll be happy to help.
Hey I have just moved into my home and the L3000 was already here and the previous owner did not know the code. i accidentally armed the stay function and now i cant disarm the system. I have unplugged the panel and tried the * and # combination and also tried the 4112 to disarm the system. It has been tripped already because i had to leave. What do i do?
If you are hearing a long error tone after you enter the sequence that means you are locked out. The only way to get back in is to try the back door method. If that is not working than you will need to contact the original installer or purchase a new panel.
Hi there, I have a 6160 and a Vista 20P. It was previously with a monitoring company and connected to a tablet. We cancelled the service due to renovations, they took the tablet back and now want it work independent of a monitoring company. It says Disarmed Ready to Arm. If I try to go in the backdoor to program, holding the # and * buttons after powering up, nothing happens. Where am I going wrong? Many thanks in advance
Unfortunately there is not a way to lower the beeping volume, we've some people place tape of the speaker on the keypad to muffle the sound but that is not recommended.
Can I lower the beeping volume for the 60 seconds following arming (code + "away") and the same beeping sounds when I return until I enter code + "off"? I live in the lower suite of a shared house. The upstairs not only knows when I leave, but when I return. I cringe whenever I return home late.
When the panel is powered off or it the user goes into programming, chime gets disabled. To turn chime back on, enter a user 4 digit code immediately followed by the number 9 (Honeywell factory default master code is 1234). Activating the chime, alerts to the opening of a door or window while the alarm system is disarmed.
I have a Honeywell model k4392v2-h, M7240 Rev.D in our rental that was purchased from prior owner. Power recently went out and the chime that had always been beeping when doors or windows were opened has disconnected and no longer chimes. How can we get the chime to work again? No montly services are associated with the alarm just all still set up to chime until the power went out. Thank you in advance
I am not familiar with that system but battery replacement does not require any user codes. Just connect it and let it charge for a day. Then the low battery trouble should clear. If it does not clear just use the code you already have to disarm and clear it out.
Hi I have a Honeywell Galaxy series 2 alarm in my new house and the battery failed sending alarm ringing out. I un connected the battery and entered user code (which was left for me) and all went silent. I have a new battery but no IC or MC. Any advice please?
We're glad to hear it was helpful. What system do you have and did you notice we offer low-cost, no-contract monitoring services ( ) as well?
Thanks, saved me lots of time!
We're glad to hear it worked Josh! What system are you using? Did you notice we have no-contract monitoring services online at ? We're experts at the Honeywell systems and would love to have you on board!
Thanks Jorge it worked
The alarm 99 shown on the keypad is actually a Panic that you seem to have triggered by accidentally button mashing. You will need to disarm the system twice with the master code. If you do not know the master code you can try doing the back door method by power the system completely off (unplug the transformer and the back up battery) and then plugging it back in (Plug in back up battery and then transformer). Within the first 50 seconds of powering up you have to head to a keypad and press and hold down the * and # key until you see installer code 20 or 20 on the display. Once you are in programming you can reset your installer code and then back out by pressing *99. Using the new installer code you can reset the master code. Use these two videos to help you change your codes: Change installer code - Change master code -
Hi Sterling, I have a slight problem with my Ademco 6150rf K4391V4 I moved into a house and the unit was here I pushed in the correct code i was given and it didnt work I may have pushed a few to many buttons because now its just constantly beeping and displaying alarm 99 so please any info would be great thanks
Is this a wired or wireless smoke detector? If it is wired you can remove the smoke detector from the panel and simply strap a 2K resistor across the terminals. Then disarm twice to clear the trouble. If it is wireless you will have to delete the zone in *56 programming. Then program the new one when you get it.
Hello and Greetings from Aruba. I have a Honweill System (20P 5.2 on the board) and my Smoke Dedector does not work anymore. I have to order one from the States since they want to charge me $ 300.00 for a new one and I have seen them on Amazon for around $ 80.00. In the meantime I have to bypass the smoke dedectory every time I leave and turn on the system. Is there any way to bypass the smoke dedector permanently until my replacmenet comes in?
Yes, you can access programming mode on a VISTA-50P by pressing and holding * and # together, within 30 seconds of applying power.
Are you hearing a long tone when pressing and holding * and # after powering up? Is the system currently armed or disarmed when you are trying this?
Hello I have an Ademco Vista 10SE with 6128 keypads. I'm trying to get into programming mode by disconnecting power and battery, powering back up and pressing * and # simultaneously. When pressing * and # during the boot up phase (d1 is displayed), nothing happens. The 20 code never is displayed and I can't get into programming mode. I've also tried having a helper hold * and # while I'm powering up but that doesn't work either. Is there any other way to enter programming mode?
Did you try the steps described in the FAQ above?
My elderly parents have a Vista 20P. WA20P-5.2. They have no idea of any codes they were given when it was installed. Can you please help me reset the code?
Unfortunately, we didn't get to your question in time, but the 6150 is just a keypad connected to an actual control panel somewhere else in the home. As described in many of the comments on this page, you'll need to locate the main control panel for your system which is housed in a metal alarm cabinet. If you can provide us the 'WA' number from the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board in that metal cabinet, we can assist.
Hello! I am in need of some urgent advice! I recently moved into a new place and was not given the code to my alarm system from the previous owner. I believe it is a Honeywell 6150 (or at least it has that appearance). As I was typing in codes to see if it was still programmed to a master code or installer code, I somehow set the alarm to "stay" mode without using a code. Now my alarm is set, but I do not have to code to unarm it. I have tried 4112, 1234 and many others. Is there any way I can reprogram or shut it off without sounding the alarm before I have to leave for work in the morning?
That sounds like the model number of the case plastic on a Honeywell keypad. You would need to locate the metal alarm cabinet that houses the green circuit board which is the "brains" of your system and in there, you should be able to find the model number so that you can then find the right manual. If it's Honeywell, there should be a PROM chip in the center of the board with a 'WA' number printed. Can you provide that WA number?
I can't seem to find the entire manual on the K4392V2-H M7240. HELP PLEASE!
The 6148 is a keypad not a panel. What alarm system do you have? It should be located in a metal alarm cabinet and if it's Honeywell, there should be a PROM chip in the center of the board with a 'WA' number printed. Can you provide that WA number?
Hey i switched my battery on my honeywell alarm system 6148 i need to know how to clear the BAT sign its shows BAT 10 i tried clicking the code then 1 twice but it still doesn't clear pleas advise!!
I'm not sure how things work there but you may need to find a local alarm company for assistance as here in the states an end user can't get help from Honeywell directly. We wish you all the best.
Located in Australia. I will give Honeywell a call. Thanks Sterling.
The VISTA-12A is not sold in the states so we aren't familiar with that system or how you would go about re-programming the system. What country are you located in?
Hi Sterling, I have an Ademco 12a alarm system and keep getting Comm Failure message on my keypad. I have 2 numbers set in the follow me function but as it is not connected to a phone line I am assuming this is why the error message is appearing. Do you know how I can disable the follow me feature so that this error message does not appear? Also I must have disabled my RF sensors by accident. When I set the alarm the sensors are not tripping the alarm. Do you know how i can enable them to trip again please? Many Thanks David
Once you see the 20, that indicates you are in programming. You can't "reset" the installer code but if you then press *20 and enter a 4-digit code that isn't currently programmed as any other code for the panel, it should beep to confirm that you set the installer code to that new 4-digit code. You can then press *99 to exit the programming mode.
How exactly do I reset the installer code. I rebooted the system unplug+[*] +[#], the screen read 20 but I'm not sure where to go from there
If the system is currently armed, the * and # after a power cycle to get access to the system's programming mode won't work. You would need to try powering on and disarming (try default 1234 and 4112 codes if you are unsure of what it may be) the system to then be able to get into programming. The panel transformer should look like this -
also, what does the transformer look like. it may be in the attic of the house and not readily accessible.
hello all, Please forgive if this was covered. My system is a ADEMCO LYNXR-EN made 5/04. We bought the house and the battery needed replacing (Done) 2 years latter with system down replaced all window/door batteries - 30 of them. The red wire on the right side disconnected because alarm going off. Panel is dead code does not work, and alarm immediately sounds when red wire is connected. Neighbors a bit shaken as piezo horn goes off when I try to power back up. Tried the * & # to no avail. I have disconnected the horn for now. Any assistance would be most helpful. I believe the system is locked out! John
Yes, we are still active on this page if you have questions about your Honeywell system codes. You can also email if you have other questions un-related to the topic above.
hello Sterling I am not sure if this still live but i have some question i was wondering if you can help with.
Which system do you have? It sounds like you may have changed a sub user code and not the master code or perhaps you are confusing the system's installer code with the system's master code.
You must have not changed it properly. What system do you have and what did you do to change it? If all systems still kept the default 1234 code, the system's wouldn't be very secure so they absolutely do not let someone still disarm with the default code if the code was changed properly.
Not true. I changed mine but I can still use the default code to turn off the system. It defeats the purpose. Anyone can google and finds out the default code and turn off your alarm system.
I changed the master code, however, the old master code still works. Wth?
What is the model number of the security system and is it monitored by a company now or does it just call you directly?
I want to change to phone number my Honeywell security system calls.
Guy has 1 on ebay, may just get it and try it.
If you mean, can you just buy another FA145C panel, I don't believe you can. These panels haven't been made in a long time, I doubt you could even find a used one, though I guess you could try.
Can I just go back to an FA 145C? I just want to be able to use it as a basic house alarm system not really for internet monitoring, I use my security cameras to monitor the house. Thanks.
We would strongly advise against trying to program a key fob (or zones) using a 6148 keypad as it's a Fixed English keypad and the sub programming menus require an alphanumeric keypad (like the 6160) for you to be able to see the labels on the sub menus to know where you are in programming.
If you just enter the code you use to arm/disarm followed by 1, it should clear the the low battery message.
Hello, I have a 6148 keypad and just bought a 5834-4 keyfob. I searched Google, Amazon reviews, and YouTube but cannot find instructions for programming the keyfob on the 6148. The closest I get is a really good YouTube using the 6150 keypad, and my 6148 isn't responding to the commands in the same way. Do you have the instructions for configuring the keyfob on a 6148? I've spent a few hours on this today and am about ready to give up. Thank you in advance!!!!
I had to change the backup battery and need the reset code to make bat go away. Can you please help
I'm glad to hear that was the issue and that you got it resolved. Let us know if you are interested in our no-contract monitoring services now that you have the system working as you'd like.
Are you able to arm with 4321? If so, that code must be set to a slot other than IC or MC (user 3 for instance). If that's the case, you are getting a long error tone when trying to change the default MC to 4321 as 4321 is already an active code.
When you say it seems like the default codes are active, what do you mean by that? Have you tested arming with them? There is a required cadence when changing the codes too. You need to move fast through the button presses. You should hear a quick beep at the end to confirm it worked. Then test the new code.
No, you should not need to reboot after making the changes. What is the model number of the system you have installed?
If you've changed the installer code and the master code then the 1234 and 4112 codes will no longer be active. You can't delete the installer code or master code "slots" as every system needs an IC and MC. All you can do is change the defaults to something other than the defaults.
I would recommend upgrading to a VISTA-21iP which is an 8-zone wired control panel with an on-board Ethernet port you could use for internet monitoring and/or Total Connect 2.0 service. Please email and we can provide more information about the proposed system upgrade.
What type of panel do I need to get to get this back up a running right? Thanks.
d1 is the panel's way of saying "Wait, I'm thinking." If it stays on the display longer than a minute, the system is either locked up, or possibly the processor has been shut down by the monitoring company. The FA145C was a proprietary panel within a proprietary panel. It was made for a company called Republic, and they've been gone for a lot of years now, purchased by ADT. Depending on what you want to do with the panel, it's probably easier to replace it.
I did that and put in 31, waited some seconds and it went to d1? The speaker still has this constant buzzing also? Was I supposed to hit another sequence of keys after inputting 31? Could the board be bad? Does it matter that I only have AC power (no backup battery right now)? May have to post video of what its doing?
The proper keypad address for that panel is 31. In order to change the address, follow these instructions Once properly addressed, you should then be able to work with your user codes.
Here ya go.Thanks.
Well address 11 doesn't sound like a valid address for any First Alert system so you'll probably need to address it to the proper address. If you send pictures as suggested, we can help.
It shows 11, sorry I don't use gmail often so I forget to check it.
What number was it showing? Holding 1 and 3 should display the current keypad address. I believe on that system it should be set to 31 but I'm not sure. Would you be able to sent a picture of the control panel in the beige metal cabinet to
It goes to a number that you can change? What is that for? Is there something else I need to do after holding the 1 an 3?
What if you press and hold 1 and 3 together on the keypad?
It won't do anything, no matter what buttons I push? The battery was dead but AC power was up so it should be good I'd assume. Not sure what to do next? Would like to use the system as a stand alone alarm just for piece of mind.
Have you already tried disarming the system twice in a row?
I bought a home in 2004 and it has a First alert alarm system (FA145C) I have the installer code and at one time was using the system (no monitoring though) and had no issues. I have not used it in years until recently I wanted to used it so I plugged it in and the screen shows (dl not ready) also the alarm speaker has a constant buzzing that is pretty loud? I would like to know what I can do to reset it or do something to see if it needs a new board or what to make it good. Thanks in advance.
Something you might try: Move a keypad right to the panel, with all other devices removed from the keypad bus. Once the keypad is working, power down the panel, hold down * + # as you power up. If this still doesn't get you into programming, you're probably never getting in.
If the system is currently armed you cannot use the backdoor method. You can try the default 1234 and 4112 codes to disarm before trying backdoor again. Otherwise you will have to upgrade the panel. Check out the VISTA-21ip-616KT:
I believe have a Vista10P. I have disconnected the power and battery. When I reconnect the power and hold down # and * I do not get the code 20 and the alarm is armed. Is the unit useless now? Would my best option be to replace the board? Is there anything else I can do to access the programming mode?
Yes, entering the existing Installer Code + 8 + 01 + the desired 4-digit Master Code for partition 1 will set a new Master Code for your VISTA-20SE system.
Is there any way to reset the master/user password on a VISTA 20-SE and a 6128 keypad with only the installer code?
What happens if you press and hold 1 and 3 together on the keypad?
Unfortunately there is no way to accomplish the backdoor entry with a touchscreen keypad. They take too long to boot up. The back door method requires entry within 50 seconds and its just not possible with that type of keypad. I recommend picking up a 6160 alphanumeric keypad:
I have inherited a home with a Honeywell system but all I have a 6280 Touchscreen control pad is there anyway for me to do a installer code reset?
Thank You Thank You Thank You, that worked. I spent 10 hrs sunday trying to figure this out. It didn't help that I thought I had a 20HW. I figured out how to get my installer code, and master code but had a hard time erasing a user, could add but couldn't erase. Found this site and tried the #0 and wala it worked. Then I got stuck on this problem. You people are great. I am still debugging the system, sensors etc. so I will probably need some more help. Again Thank You.
Since you're getting check 107, you must be using this on zones 9 - 16. Assuming that's correct (that you are using zones 9 - 16) your dips should be 1 = On, 2 = Off, 3 = Off, 4 = Off, 5 = On. Also, be sure the jumper for tamper is disabled if the cover is not on the unit, or the magnet is not installed in the cover. This is a 3 prong Jumper, tamper is disabled when the Jumper is across the 2 pins furthest from the edge of the board. If you have the change the position of the Jumper to disable tamper, enter your code and off a couple of times at the keypad after doing so. Let me know if this clears the trouble.
Thank you, I did figure out my unit must be the Vista 20P and not as the label says 20HW. I still am not able to get the expander module to work. My unit only has 5 dip switches. I set 2 off all others on and try to set up a couple zones. I get a check ZN XX (however many I programed) the a check extender 107. I change the dip switch to 3 off all others on and the same thing happens except check extender 108. So I know the system knows it is there. I checked to make sure there were no zone doubling 0n the first 8 HW inputs. I don’t know what else to check.
You have a Vista-20P panel, version 3. The Vista-20HW guide won't be much help. Try this.
I have a Honeywell 6162rf... purchased new. Upon power up, when I should be at the start of programming, the unit indicates it is " locked". How do I unlock the keypad to start programming
i purchased a home with what looks to be a vista 20HW, that is what the Label says. I can't get the expander unit to work. When i go thru the programming it says *25 4129 =1 but when i enter *25 i get not used. Most off the items in my program sheet matches but a couple don't so i am not sure what i have. prgm guide doesn't have *22 my unit has RF JAM OPT prgm guide has *25 my unit not used prgm guide doesn't have *24 my unit has house code 1 2 3 do these differences shed any light on what i might have chip says WA20P-3.0 honeywell 2004 rev 3
With the system in the armed mode, you may not have any option to get the programming changed as it's a security feature of the system that it will power back up in the armed state if powered down while armed. You can try powering the system down by disconnecting the backup battery inside the beige metal cabinet and unplugging the wall transformer for the panel from the outlet. Once you power it down (verify keypad displays are dark), power it back up by plugging the transformer back into the wall WHILE someone else is pressing and holding * and # on the keypad. That MAY get you into installer mode programming, (you would see 20 or Installer Code 20 on the keypad display) and if so you can then set a new installer code by pressing *20 and then the four digit code you want. After doing that, press *39 followed by 0 and then *99 to exit programming. At that point, if you power cycle the system, it should come back up disarmed (as the *39 (Power Up in Previous State) feature changed) and you can use the installer code you just set to set a new master code.
Hi, I just purchased a foreclosed home and when I plug in the power, the alarm it is armed. I tried reseting it using 1234 and 4112 codes and they are not working. I have a honeywell alarm system WA15P-2.5. Any suggestions how I can do a master reset and program my new codes?
If you need any further assistance, feel free to email us at or call us M-F 9-9 EST at 888-818-7728.
Thank you
Okay, that is a VISTA-15P system and we have guides for that system linked on the right of the page at
Thank you for your reply, The number is WA15P-9,12
You can hook up an analog phone line to the system and use the Follow Me feature to program 1 or 2 phone numbers into the system that the system will call out to in the event of an alarm and report the event to the number(s) programmed. Another option is to use the L5100-WIFI module and sign up for one of our self monitoring plans at the bottom of our sign up page We have plans as low as $10/month and you'd have access to Total Connect 2.0 service so you could arm/disarm from a computer or mobile device and you'd be able to setup text and email alerts from the system going to any number of recipients.
Open up the metal alarm cabinet. There is a black PROM chip with a white sticker on it. It should read, "WA" then a model number followed by revision number. Report back here with your findings. We can confirm which system it is for you.
I have moved into a house with a honeywell security system I have the code but no manual. Where would I find the model # to order a manual?
With the L5200 series, is self monitoring possible as other systems now allow for? If so, how do we enter a cell phone number or email address into the system to notify the owner of a break-in?
Were you in programming mode when you press # 41? Are you sure you didn't already enter programming and press * 41 *?
So I have not erased *41 yet, and still when I pressed #41 nothing happened just the keyboard beeping, does this mean that ADT never setup a primary callout number, and if I do cancel monitoring I may still get the FC code if I clear out the *41 and *42?
Yes, #41 views the field and *41 changes the field. If you did a *41*, there's nothing to view when doing #41, because *41* zeroed out the field.
Thank you very much for the quick reply, I was also confused on what #41 does versus *41 in the program mode. I thought that when you type #41 it was suppose to read back the numbers in field 41 but when I typed #41 my keypad beeped and blinked 41.
Yes, that should be the right sequence to zero out the phone number fields and stop the panel from causing the FC trouble.
I want to make sure I do not get the FC error code and I do not want the system to beep every 15 minutes. I am looking to just use the system for door and window alerts and not have it monitored.
Hello I have a ADT system that I am going to cancel today after paying for monitoring for 7 years. I have the IC code and wish to delete and change the Primary and secondary call out numbers. I have a Vista-20 manual and was wanting to make sure I am going about it correctly. Will IC+800+*41* +*42*+*99 delete the call numbers?
Depends on what you see, let me know.
I don't remember what pressed when i exit. I will check the summary code tomorrow because i am out today. But if the user number is not 001 and authority level is not 0 What should i do in this case
When you exited programming, what keys did you press? If you enter your Installer Code + * * on the keypad, it will show you a summary screen of that code. User Number should be 001, and Authority Level should be 0. Can you perform this command and tell me what you see?
hello, I have vista 250pb panel and 6160v keypad I changed the default installer code by backdoor method but when I try to enter the programing mode by pressing installer code +800 the error shows "this user not allowed in programing mode" why is that. I did this step because the old installer code couldn't get in the programing mode suddenly. so what should I do in this case
How do you do it with faults? and how do you delete all the user codes but leave the master code? Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks for your help!
You can do so with faults, but not if the system is armed.
Is there any way to add or change user codes while the alarm is not in the ready state?
What alarm system do you have?
How to program the alarm system using honey well vista keypad by step by step learning ...
What does your control panel PROM chip read? It should be a black chip with a white sticker in the middle of the green circuit board and it should start with 'WA'. The CC is a message indicating someone is connected to your system for remote programming and C5 is usually only displayed on Guardian panels that have lost their clock settings. If you disarm the system does CC go away?
I have the Vista 20P and was able to get into programming mode. It displays 20 after entering the programming mode. I entered *20, a new code and got 3 beeps. I exited programming mode by *99 and the screen (fixed word display) alternates between "CC" and "C5". It shows "Not Ready" and "AC" as well. However, I can't seem to get any other functions to work at this point. Is there a step I'm missing? I don't see "CC" or "C5" listed in any of the manuals.
I believe that system is only sold in the UK and we have no experience with it unfortunately.
I have a galaxy 2-20 c020 do you have any way to get codes for this as it days manager reset required I only have a key fob and no codes
Thank You!
What trouble message displays on the keypad when it "goes off"?
I recently moved into a new home that has a Honeywell WA10P – 2.0 alarm system I am trying to figure out why the system goes off randomly in the middle of the night could it be a battery issue. Are there batteries that need to be replaced on the wall mounted keypad?
Please disregard...i found the answer at the bottom of the thread under David Nunn. The issue was the difference between partition 1 and 2. The user guide is misleading. Once I entered IC + 801 + new MC, it worked. Thanks for your help.
I have an Ademco Vista 20se in a home i purchased and used the backdoor method to find the installer code. However, when I use the IC + 802 + new master code, I get a beep, but the new MC does not work. Any suggestions?
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Sterling, this worked for me too. You posted 3 years ago, but your information continues to be helpful. I was specifically looking for the sequence to reset the MC, and whether or not it would affect other programming parameters. Vista 20P Default Installer Code (IC): 4112 Default Master Code (MC): 1234 IC(4112) + 802 + new MC to check if successful: new MC + 1 result: beep confirming system off and indication of window or door that may be open other programming parameters were not changed. Thank you
We offer all of the compatible Honeywell wired keypads online at
Just saw several sources on he web. If the cleaning process fails to solve the problem, I may spring for a keypad and give it a try again. I'll reach out again for further instructions if I replace the keypad. Thanks very much.
Thanks Sterling. I'll give that a try. Is this keyboard still a readily available product that I can purchase? Any ideas on some sources?
That sounds like you have a very old keypad that needs replacing or at the very least, you should pop the cover and see if you can clean off the contact points for the numbers to the circuit board.
I get a very faint (like pixelated) two digit display that looks like E1 or something 1.
What happens if you press and hold 1 and 3?
Many thanks again Sterling. I was ready to proceed until I noticed that the LCD display is blank. The Ready light on the keypad is on, the keypad back lighting is on, and the keys respond with beeps when any key is pressed. Would a power reset be effective here? And if so, I assume that means removing the power to the control panel, as well as disconnecting the battery? I read somewhere else about activating or addressing the keypad by doing a combination key sequence then entering the keypad address (16?), but I'm not sure if that applies to my situation or not. You wise input and suggestions would again be appreciated. Thanks. BTW: the keypad is a 6150, according to the label on the back of the case.
Yes, that would be a VISTA-20P. If the default codes of 1234 (master code) or 4112 (installer code) aren't working to arm/disarm, you can use the back door method described at the bottom of the FAQ above to get into programming. Once you are in programming, you should see '20' or 'Installer Code 20' and you can then press *20 followed by 4112 to default the installer code to 4112. Once that's done, press *99 and you will be out of programming and you can then use the 4112 IC to set a new master code.
Thanks Sterling. You are correct - the numbers were taken from the plastic front cover of the keypad. The sticker on the PROM indicates WA20P-5.2, so I believe this points to the Ademco 20P system? Either way, I would like to get access to the setup so that I can change the existing user code to my own, but I do not know the original user code or the Master code. Thanks again for your prompt responses.
Those part numbers sound like part numbers for the case plastic on a keypad. Do you know where the beige metal alarm cabinet is in the home that houses the actual green circuit board with all the wires connected? If you can find that, you should be able to determine what system you have by looking at the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board.
I have a Honeywell K4392V2-H, M7240 system in the house I just bought, but don't have any manuals, and I do not know the Master Code or Installer Code. Is this something you can help me with? Thank you.
What is the model number of your system? On a wired Honeywell system, you can usually find the model number printed on the sticker on the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board inside the beige metal alarm cabinet.
Hi Sterling have a Honeywell alarm in my business lost code wondering if you could help seems like you know what your doing?
No, but I just called my alarm company and they are going to send me one. I honestly expected them to resist. Thanks for responding so quickly! I'll chime in again if I'm stuck once I can get into the cabinet.
Yes, the control panel lives in the alarm cabinet. The keypads are just controllers for the system. Is there a key on the top of your alarm cabinet?
Hi! I have a Honeywell 6160A and I'm trying to replace a faulty glass-break sensor on my existing system without paying the $100 service charge. So far I can't get the system to power off to allow me to get into installer mode through the backdoor method. When I open the 6160A keypad there doesn't seem to be any battery in the unit. I removed the power leads in the keypad and then unplugged the power adapter in the other room, but when I power up and press * + # the panic alarm sounds and I get a call from the alarm service to check. Do I need to break into the alarm cabinet? It's locked...
You are probably using the Master Code and not the Installer Code. Did you try the default 4112? If so, you can try rebooting the panel (unplugging the battery and the transformer) and then within 50 seconds of powering back up (battery before transformer) press and hold * and # together and it should get you into programming without needing the installer code.
Hi, I have a lynx plus l3000. When I enter my installer code and 800 nothing happens, the installer code to go into sniffer mode works but not to get into programming mode.
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These instructions worked great for me...thanks! Our house has a ProtectionOne 320P1 - with a rev 5.2 rom chip. Unplugging the wall outlet (which was a beige box plugged into an outlet in a different closet from the controller box!) - then disconnecting the battery...waiting a few seconds, then plugging in the battery, then the beige power unit, then pressing # and * together produced a "20" display. Then entering [*][2][0] a new four digit "installer code" then [*][9][9] got me three beeps - and from there it's easy to set a new "master code" - and then take full control of the system. Many thanks! This has been a spectacularly useful resource!
Yes, they have at least locked you out of one way to get into programming. As the last paragraph of this FAQ explains, try disconnecting a lead to your panel's backup battery and unplugging the wall transformer. Within 50 seconds of powering it back up (plugging he transformer back in), press and hold * and # together and it should get you into programming mode. Once you see 20 or Installer Code 20 on the keypad display, you will be in programming. Press *99 to exit programming without the lock out and then your code + 800 should get you back in as expected.
It is possible to completely lock programming on the Vista panels. It always helps to know exactly which panel you have. In most cases, as long as you have a 6150 or 6160 style keypad, you can power the system completely down, then, within 50 seconds of power up, get to one of those types of keypads and press and hold * and # together. If the panel is not locked out, this should get you into programming. If it is locked out, you will most likely get another long error beep.
I hope people still reply to this thread. I think my IC is locked. They changed it to 5546, I press that plus 800 and I get a long beep but no 20 or display on the 6150 and 6160. Any help please?
That number is probably from the plastic on the flip down door of the keypad, and only represents that particular part number. You need to find your actual alarm control panel. It will probably be in a gray or tan metal enclosure with a lock and key, or possibly just a screw in the side. You'll need to open that up and look at the printed circuit board inside to get an idea of what your panel actually is.
It sounds like you aren't fully powering down because pressing * and # when it's powered up sets off a panic. What are you doing to power cycle the system? Are you sure the keypad is going dark when it's powered down? If so, then how long after your power up are you pressing and holding * and #? It needs to be within 50 seconds of powering up.
I do not know either code and when I try to power cycle the panel and then do the * & # it automatically sounds the alarm and does not give me a chance to enter the new code. Any advise?
I purchase a house seller does not have alarm code need to reset it its a HONEWELL K4392V2 M6983 REV haven been able to find manual on line HELP!!
Ah... Found the Admeco Vista-20SE Installation Guide! Should be informative reading. Thanks for all the help.
Your document is the user guide and only lists procedure for adding a master code if you know the existing master code. Since you only had the Installer Code, you would have needed the installation guide that details changing the master code using the installer code.
Ok, this works! I have too keypads (upstairs & downstairs) apparently both are partition 1 and the user docs don't say *anything* about a per-partition MC (see page 39 of PDF linked above)
This confusion is because of the way the Vista-20SE partitions. IC + 8 + 01+New Code sets the Master for P1, IC + 8 + 02 + New Code sets the Master for P2. So, you got a valid beep, but the code wouldn't work because you were trying to use it on a keypad assigned to Partition 1. To further confuse the issue, now that you know the Master Code for P1, to use this code to change itself, you enter Current Master Code + 8 + 02 +New Code + New Code again. Thank Goodness for the Vista-20P!
Oh! the Master Code goes in 801 ! [yes, I also have the VISTA-20SE; and this doc:] That [01 slot] is a departure from the usual/documented process, no? I'll try that real soon now. A: I was trying to confirm MC using MC+chime(7?) or MC+Away or MC+(other action)
The proper procedure on a VISTA-20SE to change the Master Code is to press the current Installer Code + 8 + 01 + desired 4-digit Master Code for Partition 1.
Yes 20 SE -
Hmm, do you see any stickers that sat 10SE or 20SE? You don't have a VISTA-15P/20P so the instructions on this page aren't accurate for whatever system you do have.
wa7840v9 pittway 1998 rev 10
What is the PROM version on your control panel? You can check by looking in the beige metal alarm cabinet. The PROM chip is in the middle of the green circuit board.
I am having the exact same issue. Have the installer code, followed the procedures to program the master. Get a single short beep at the end but the master code will not operate anything. I do have a bad battery which I need to replace. Would that have any impact? I was still able to set an installer code so I wouldn't think so.
What do you mean by "I have even erased the MC (IC+800 ... timeout)". There is no way to erase the master code on a 20P. The master code is user slot 02, the installer code is user slot 01. These "slots" can not be deleted like other user code slots (03 and above), they can only be changed. They also can't be set to the same code, meaning you can't have the master code be the same code as the installer code. Knowing all that, if sounds like you do have the verified IC and you may have even properly added the MC. What have you done to test the MC besides trying to set the chime? Did you try MC + 2 or 3 to arm the system to away or stay? Also, how did you try to set the chime?
I enter at a quick even cadence (i've practiced it dozens of times now ;) a little less that 1 sec per push It replies with one normal beep.
What type of beep are you hearing after you enter the IC + 802 + new code? Long beep? Double Beep? Make sure you are doing it quickly and with an even cadence. Try again and let me know what happens.
On that topic... I have done as you suggest; (cycle power, *# *20 - newIC *99) and now have a working Installer Code. It works, for example, to set the Chime on/off. It even works to enter programming mode (IC+800) [where i believe I have confirmed the system is not locked] However, trying to set the Master Code does not appear to work. Surely, I can enter IC+802+newcode (and it beeps) but that newcode does not work to do anything. (like: set the chime) I have even erased the MC (IC+800 ... timeout) Is there some other problem? If I reset (*97) the whole system, would that help? how much would I then need to "reprogram"?
It sounds like your master code is not on default currently. Do you know your installer code? If so, just pop into programming using your installer code + 800. Then enter the installer code and press *99 to exit. If you do not have either code, you can power cycle the panel by removing AC (transformer from the wall outlet) and DC (battery leads off the battery in the cabinet) power from the panel then powering back up. Within the first 50 seconds, press and hold * and #. When you see "20" or "installer code 20" enter the new installer code followed by *99. You should hear a triple beep after the new code is submitted. After you exit programming you can program your master code using the new installer code you just configured. [Installer Code] + [8] + [02] + [New 4-Digit Master Code]
i have followed all of the instructions, but the Vista 20p will not let me change the master code. I put in 1234,8,02 and new code twice but the system gives me beeps before I even have a chance to finish putting in the code the second time. 1234 still works to turn the system off but I'd like to change it. Also, I have one window that won't set off the alarm, but all of the others work. How can I fix that? Thanks
Well it's hard for us to help with just that information. You'll have to get us the model number and then potentially you'll have to set new Master Code and Installer Code and then add your sub users.
I'm at home now, so I'm not sure on the model, I'll look at it when I go in tonight. My boss wanted me to remove all users up to nine, so I did that. Then I was supposed to add our current workers in. So I started with mine like he said. I followed the book, it was something like installer code +8+user number+user code and the system was supposed to beep to let you know it was done. Well, it didn't beep. I waited a bit, then tried to input my code to see if it would set the system, but halfway through, it beeped. I don't recall if I retyped in my number all together or not, but long story short it let me set the alarm, but after that the installer code no longer worked to create new users.
Which system do you have? What won't work? Did you try adding a new user or are you changing a user? Did you try using the master code?
So, we have a system at work, I was supposed to add new codes, I'm pretty positive I didn't erase the installer code, but now it wont work. Is there any way to get it back????
Have you exited programming mode with a *99 yet?
OMG! it worked, so I have a new code and want to set the chimes and when i do the code plus chime the code says 196 and won't chime? Any tips for that?
I'm sorry, that should have red to press * and # together, not 1 and 34 together. Also, there is power wires coming from the panel going to a wall transformer plugged into a normal wall outlet. If you can't find that unit, flipping the breaker certainly works too.
there isn't any power cord, just a battery cord connect. so I disconnect the breaker and batteries, but the code that came up was 18 not 20?
The last paragraph of this FAQ details how to reset your panel's installer code by fully powering down and then pressing and holding 1 and 3 together on the keypad within 50 seconds of powering back up. If it works, you should see '20' or 'Installer Code 20' on the display and then you can press *20 followed by the 4-digit Installer Code you want to set. Once you have it set, you can change the Master Code and add sub user codes.
I have a Ademco Vista Series and my user guide says Vista-15p. Just moved in and other owners forgot code. How do I re-set?
Hi Parker, try this. On the Lynx Plus (L3000) power the system completely down, AC and battery, and when you power back up, within 50 seconds, hold down * and # (asterisk and hashtag symbol). You should see Installer Code 20 on the screen. Press *20 and enter 4112, you should hear 3 beeps after you enter the 2. This is setting the installer code back to the default. Now, press * 99. This will exit programming. Once out of programming (the panel should go back to displaying current status, such as "Disarmed, Ready to Arm") enter this sequence: 4112 8 02 1234. To verify if it worked, try entering 1234 away, this should arm away if the system is ready. To disarm, press 1234 Off. From here, you can change the master code to whatever you want it to be by entering 1234 8 02 New Code, New Code again.
I have the lynx plus series, just moved in and don't know the code. How can I reset it?
What model number is your control panel? You'll find that inside the metal alarm cabinet where the green circuit board has all the wires coming in.
I have had adt system in my house for 13 yrs no adt subscription for 5 yrs just using it when sleeping to alert me of intruder! Keypad went bad recently so i bought a honeywell 6150 on ebay and installed it and now it is telling me to check 09 from what i read thats from removing old panel and replacing it . Any way to get rid of that permanently? ?
Sounds like your wireless receiver isn't connected properly. Is the sensor on the door wireless or wired? Assuming it's wireless, the Check 100 would explain why there is no chime. Without the wireless receiver connected properly, the wireless sensor on the door wouldn't be transmitting the door open signal to the panel to initiate the chime.
We just leased a building with a VISTA p10 system. The 4112 code works and I reset the user code. I am trying to set the panel to chime when a door is opened. The panel reads DISARMED CHIME, but the panel does not chime. I am also getting a message Check 100 RF fault. Any ideas?
The model number you provided is for the plastic housing of the keypad. You'll need to locate the beige metal alarm cabinet that houses the actual circuit board. It would usually be located in a basement, laundry room, utility closet or garage.
I bought a home and it has a Honeywell K 4576V2 M7458 in it. One panel says fc... Failure to communicate. I understand that probably relates to a landline the previous owners probably used. I would like to be able to just use it as a siren deturant. How do I do that.
No, the codes don't display. You will hear a confirmation beep and then that code you just added should work to arm/disarm the system.
I have havea vista 10p with a 6160 keypad. Trying To add users and security codes for each user. Should these display as I am adding them. I get a beep after the user number but cannot enter the security code. Inothing displays.
This video should help - If your fob lights up red when you press a button on the fob, you'll need to do the steps described in this FAQ at the end as well -
I bought a second key 5834-4 for my honeywell 5200. How do I install?
Have you switched from phone line to cellular or IP monitoring? If so, you just need to remove the phone number from field *41 in programming by pressing *41 followed by * once you are in programming.
how do I remove FC for good after installing a radio to a vista panel???
Are you able to send pictures to so that we can help you identify the model number?
I cant yell what honeywell system i have. Just moved into a house with an existing system. I read the discussion board and took the panel off. There is no battery. It appears to be hardwired to the house. I know it works because i set the alarm off messing with it. How do i reset it so i can put my own code in if i cant shut it down? I just want to be able to arm and disarm it.
The correct procedure is Installer Code + 802 + New 4-Digit code (just once). You cannot set the Master Code to the same code as the Installer Code also. The default MC is 1234 so IC + 802 + 1234 would be the right way to default your panel's MC. Also, you should default the IC back to 4112 so that the new owners can access the programming.
I did this. I made my own installer code. Exited out with *99. Alarm in ready state. I cannot set a master code using installer +8+02+new code+new code. Sometimes it goes into install mode with a 20 on the screen. Other times no response. I don't remember my master code and I'm moving, so want it cleared (or changed really.) Any ideas?
If you power the system down by opening it up, disconnecting the battery and unplugging the transformer, you cant hen power it back up and press and hold * and # together to enter programming mode. Check this FAQ on how to view the current installer code - Once you have the installer code, you will be able to set a Master Code and program the system as needed
Hello I just recently moved into a home that was bought for me and it has an alarm system installed already (honeywell lynx plus) I believe but I wasnt given any codes or remote devices or anything to it. Can you please tell me how do I reset it to where I can program my own code in it or is that not possible since I dont have the installer or master code? I know it works because everytime a door opens up it reads aloud front door..back door etc.
Let us know if the new board works as expected.
I think you might be it through Amazon and I will exchange it now.
I would recommend doing a *97 to default the panel's programming and then start over from scratch to eliminate the change of programming corruption in the panel. If is still acts the same, I'd say you need a new 20P board. Where did you buy this one? are some more clues. Honestly, with these symptoms all I can think is that the new motherboard is also somehow bad. Please let me know if you have other ideas before I return it. It's not the sensors or the batteries. I've moved batteries from working sensors into non-working ones and get the same result. I can also see the strong red and green flashing lights on the 5882-3ENH receiver each time I trigger the bad sensor. The LEDs on the receiver flash just as they do for the working sensors, except the panel will never receive the serial numbers and respond with a chime. Remember it will also not work even if I manually enter the serial number for the sensors that don't work, so it has to be something in the main board, I think. Also, all of the DP switches on the 5882-3ENH have always been in the off position as they have for 14 years, so I don't think that could be the issue. Here's another test I ran just to eliminate the 5882-3ENH from the equation completely. I disconnected it at the motherboard and instead connected the 6150RF keypad and enabled the receiver on that keypad. I'm getting the exact same results! The same sensors that work using the 5882-3ENH receiver don't work with the 6150RF receiver and the ones that work also still work. I even tried it with my old CPU chip in the new motherboard, and the same thing happened. I really can't figure this out and can only think that I need to try a new motherboard. The old motherboard was a Rev 4.0 and the new one is Rev 10.3...could the jump across that many revisions be causing the issue? I checked, and in most but not all cases it is the sensors that originally came with the system that aren't working. There is at least one original sensor that is working, though. Could there be an issue on the newer motherboards where certain serial number ranges just aren't supported any more? Using the old CPU didn't help, so I can only think it's the motherboard itself. A lot can change over 14 years... That seems to be the only possible explanation for what's going on. I just put the old board with it's old CPU back in and the OC fault is still there. So I have an earlier motherboard with a bad panel bus and a newer motherboard that seems to be incompatible with many of my sensors. Does anyone know where I can find a good ~14-year old motherboard?
I've never heard of a wireless receiver that works with some sensors and not others so from what you are describing, I would have to say that you need new batteries in the sensors that aren't working, and if that doesn't help, you will need to replace those sensors.
Thanks Sterling. I actually think I solved the dialing issue so now I'm just focused on the wireless sensor connections. Based on ADT's support when I called them for some of the settings (like how my account number was entered into field 43), I'm definitely going to switch to a different monitoring service like Alarmgrid, but I need to get the system working again first. What's perplexing is that the wireless works fine for some sensors and not others. I thought it was the receiver (I'm at work and forget the model, but it's something like a 5882 EMH...the one with two antenae mounted right above the motherboard until it started working fine for some zones. I have a 6150RF keypad hardwired as my secondary one, but the RF receiver and transmitter have always been off on it. That keypad's address is set to 17 as it always has been. I disconnected it and everything other than my primary alpha-numeric, non RF keypad this morning just to isolate that factor even further. I still have the same results...some zone sensors enroll and work fine, others won't enroll at all whether I try it wirelessly or by entering their serial numbers directly.I've programmed dozens of additional wireless zones over the 14 years we've had this system, including custom zones, so I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right, and it's working for about half the sensors. I just can't figure out what would cause something like that. Unless half the batteries went bad at the same time, but that seems highly unlikely, and I've tried new batteries on a few of the problem sensors... Thanks again.
It sounds like you have monitoring service now. I would have your company out to verify your wireless zone programming and to check on your phone connections.
Hello. I just replaced the motherboard on my Vista 20p after a lightening strike fried the keypad bus...I was getting OC errors on all keypads even with only one of each hooked through a short jumper, etc. Replacing the motherboard fixed the OC issue, but now I'm having trouble transferring all my settings to the new motherboard. The first problem is that only some of my wireless zones will enroll. I've been using both the auto-enroll process where I transmit a signal to enroll the serial number and manually entering the serial numbers. Some zones work fine and some won't enroll no matter what I try. It varies within transmitter types, too. I have two door sensors with shock sensors built in and one enrolled fine on both loops while the other one won't enroll on either loop. This really has me stumped. The second problem is that it only dials out very inconsistently. Maybe one out of every 10 tests and I can't find any pattern to it. The phone line at the panel is good as I can easily dial out using a regular line and, when the panel does dial out, it works fine. Thanks in advance.
The default Installer Code is 4112 and the default Master Code is 1234 on a VISTA-10P.
I have a Honeywell vista 10p and a 6148 panel, (I haven't tried) but what are the codes?
That system isn't sold in the US so I'm not familiar with it's programming. Do you have an alarm provider that you can contact to ask them for a user guide?
hi I got a Honewell WA12A.2.3 control box. I need to change my security code (forgot it) how do I go about it please?
Great, that is a VISTA-10PSIA system. If you follow the instructions for resetting the installer code (The last portion of the above FAQ), you should be able to access and change the installer code and then you can set up a new master code.
Okay I think I got it, the serial on the chip is WA10PSIA - 4.12.
That model number sounds like something you read off from the keypad. It's not an actual alarm control panel model number. Can you locate the beige metal alarm cabinet that houses the green circuit board and provide what's listed on the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board?
I recently moved into a new house and it has a Honeywell K4576V2-H M7458. The alarm code was not given me. Is there a way to factory reset?
What ECP address did you choose when programming the Tuxedo? Are you wiring the Tuxedo directly to your VISTA-21iP or are you using an auxiliary power supply?
Hi, i'm looking a solution about my tuxedo and vista panel 21 IP i've got ECP error what does it mean! and how can i fix it up? many thanks to answer that!
I would recommend the 6160 alphanumeric keypad (
If it helps, the reason you can't do this is because once you power up, you have 50 seconds to get to a working keypad and press the * + # to get into programming via the back door. The Tuxedo keypad takes too long to boot up to allow you to do this.
The simple answer is that you cannot access back door programming if you only have a Tuxedo. You need a console keypad to be able to press and hold * and # together upon power up.
Hello There, I have a simple question, How to perform a back door acces to the programming mode on a 21ip with tuxedo keyboard.
Hi Bernie, I'm not as familiar with that system as it's not usually sold in the States. Typically, you can change the installer code from the programming menu of the panel though. Once you know the installer, you can use that to program a new master code.
I have a VISTA 12A w/ Tuxedo WIFI Touch Keypad. How do you change the Installer & Master codes 4112 & 1234 respectively?
Thanks very much Julia, in this case, I have no other choose. Thanks again...:-)
Patrick, If you power down AC and battery, then have someone hold * + # DURING power up and this doesn't take you into programming, then it would seem the panel is locked out of local programming. If that's the case, you may have to replace the system, unless you can find who locked it out and have them unlock it. Usually this would be a previous alarm company.
Hello Alarmgrid expert, I recently move in a house and the house comes with vista 15p system with 6150 keypad. The previous owner didn't use the system for long time and don't remember the code for disarming the system. I have been trying to reset the system and hoping the system will reset back to its factory setting and I can follow the manual and reprogram it. However, I tried power down both the power supply and battery and power back up. It still power up with Armed stage and I can't do anything. I even tried have someone press * + # and hold them _while_ you restore AC power. Please help...
Which system do you have?
Is there a way to wipe all the codes since I am not sure I have each code from former employees (minus the master code)?
The default code is 4112. You would need a console keypad if 4112 doesn't work and you don't know what your current installer code is.
I have a VISTA-21iP w/ Tuxedo Touch Series Keypad. I do not know the installer code anymore. Is there a default code or can I reset and enter my own code?
Enter installer mode by pressing Installer Code + 800 and then press *41*, *43* and *99. That should solve your FC error. You can find the programming guide for your system at and the installation guide at
HI my alarm was monitored , now its not , how do I stop the FC error code ? is there an installer manual for this system ? thanks for the "backdoor" now I know my installer code ! ADEMCO VISTA 20P
I'm not sure exactly what you need? You program the phone number in field 43 and you have to make sure you have a phone line connected with live dial tone to the tip and ring terminals of the panel.
I am a newbie, I have a Vista-10p in the home I moved in with 6148 keypad and all 6 hardwired zones configured. I just found the installer code and also have the master code. If you can help me with adding new phone number and to check phone line connectivity. Appreciate your help. -Anilk
It depends on what system you have. Can you tell us the make and model number?
I just got a new house and there is a alarm inside but I don't know the code. is there a way to bypass and change the code
Yes, that would be a 6150RF keypad I would imagine. I'm glad to hear you got it working.
Never mind, I got it going again. Thank you very much for your response!
I pressed and held "1" and "3" and the display did come on (thank you!), but instead of a two digit number, "dE" flashed intermittently with "-". What should I do from here?
It sounds like your keypad is set to an address other than the default address of 16. It's common for an alarm installer to setup the customer keypads on addresses 17 or higher so that they can come in and use their alphanumeric programming keypads on address 16 without worrying about address conflicts. If you press and hold 1 and 3 on the keypad with no display, it will display the address and I'm willing to be you'll find it's set to an address above 16. Once you know what address it's set to, you simply have to re-enable that address in panel programming using fields *190 and above or set the existing keypad to address 16.
In programming mode, I hit *97 to reset fields to defaults, but when I did the display continued to show "97" and I could not get back out. So I followed the backdoor method to restart the system, which I had successfully done earlier. When powering the system back on, the LEDs on the keypad came on, but I have had nothing come up on my display. Can you give me some direction here? Thanks!
I'm glad I was able to help!
I finally figure out what you mean by "to have your zones enable" I get it working now. Thank you very much
There are many options that could prevent the reporting. If you are monitored, I would suggest you have your alarm company check all the settings to see what's wrong.
I'm just an end user. Can you tell me what other fields that required for reporting and which program menu mode should I use?
There are other fields required for reporting. You would have to have your zones enabled with report codes to start. Are you an alarm installer or an end user?
yes, I use *48 as well as *49 to enable report format and reporting, do I program it correctly ?
Do you have report codes enabled?
the control panel(Honeywell vista 20p) is not making call to the central station when alarm goes off. The account and phone # are program to panel correctly and I get the dial tone by hooking up the phone to terminal 23& 24 please me to resolve this problem issue. Thanks
I'm glad it finally worked! Sorry the instructions weren't more clear originally. Let us know if you need anything else.
So, if thought I knew what I'm doing, I'd feel dumb. But I just feel grateful that you held my hand through that, it worked perfectly. Thank you.
Okay, so when you enter programming and see the 20, are you pressing *20 and then the four digit code?
I just did that, and no difference. One thing I forgot to mention, after keying in the 4 digits, the 20 starts to slowly flash on and off.
Have you tried a different 4 digit code?
Ademco Vista-20se
What is the exact model number of the panel you have?
Yes, I used the backdoor, and it is displaying a 20 on the keypad. I have tried several times to enter the 4 digits, each digit beeps as I enter it, but after all 4 are entered, there is no beep. It is not the same as the Master code, and I have no idea if the original installer entered sub user codes or not.
If you press the * key on the keypad, what does the keypad display?
Did you already enter programming? If not, a 20 could just mean zone 20 is faulted. Otherwise, if you are in programming, you should be able to enter the new 4 digit installer and it will beep and advance to the next field. Make sure not to be using a 4 digit code that is already being used as the Master code or one of the sub user codes.
I have 20 showing on the panel. I used the backdoor, as my system was monitored and serviced years ago, and they obviously changed the Installer Code. I am now trying to change it to a new 4 digit code. At the 20 I am typing in the new 4 digits, but the panel doesn't beep, and the change isn't happening. What could be going wrong?
My alarm is beeping randomly and it is telling me the system is not ready. I have checked all doors and windows and they are all shut.
Simply type in a new four digit code and the panel should beep and proceed to the next programming field. If that is the only change you are making, press *99 to exit programming. If done properly your new code + 800 will get you into programming going forward.
I have the "Installer Code 20" showing now. How do I enter my new code?
'Installer Code 20' or '20' will show up on the screen when you use the back door programming trick if you have done it properly. The programming of the panel is broken out into "fields" which are just different sections of programming. The installer code is in field 20.
does "field *20" appear when you backdoor? I am unsure where these "fields" are.
oh really. I thought the Lynx could only handle 6... OK...and thanks for the info... I think we are switching to the Vista15P pretty soon. That is good to know. Thanks for the reply.
The amount of user codes available is dependent on the control panel, not the keypad. If you have a VISTA-20P, you can do up to 48 system user codes. A VISTA-15P only supports 32. Also, the LYNX Touch will allow up to 16 codes (Installer, Master, Babysitter, Duress and 12 additional sub users).
How many sub user codes can you program a honeywell 6150 keypad ? 6150RF ? I know that the Honeywell Lynx it will only handle 6. I have a customer who needs 16 sub user codes. I know there are some high dollar touchpads that can handle that amount but I think the 6150 series allows up to 20 I think... I could be wrong. Ive been on hold with tech support going on 34 min. now. Thanks for any feedback.
You should call us when you are home with the system so we can assist you.
What do you mean by "you can change the installer code in field *20. Also what is a "lead" from the battery"? I have the same problem that I moved in and they didnt give me the installer code or the mastercode. I have no idea where to start.
The last paragraph of this FAQ shows you how to access your panel's programming and change the installer code. Once you have changed the installer code, you have the code needed to change the master code.
what about if i donot know the mastercode , i just moved to a new house and i donot know thw master code
No, it will not reset any of the programming.
Thanks. Will this method reset all the programmed settings?? if so, what happens if I try to find the code by entering several 4-digit codes?? thanks.
Yes, you will need to open the alarm cabinet. Most systems don't have a tamper switch on the panel but if yours does, it may just beep at the keypad.
Hello, do I need to open the panel to be able to remove one lead from the battery?? will something happen if I open the panel?? something like triggering an alarm or sound?? thanks.
Remove one lead from the battery and then unplug the transformer (power adapter) that is plugged into the wall outlet. You may have to search the house a bit to find the transformer if it isn't plugged in as the same room as your system.
Hello thank for this "backdoor", but can you tell me how power off? I have a battery.

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