GE 14299

Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer, No Neutral Required

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The GE 14299 Enbrighten Smart Light Dimmer is an in-wall dimmer switch that does not require a neutral wire. It is perfect for older homes that do not use a neutral wire for lighting. The GE 14299 will replace your existing in-wall dimmer for smart lighting. Buy the GE14299 from Alarm Grid.
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  • Z-Wave Plus
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The GE 14299 provides smart control for your hardwired dimmable lights. The smart dimmer replaces your existing in-wall dimmer switch so that you can include your lights with your Z-Wave network. This will let you turn your lights ON/OFF and adjust their brightness from virtually anywhere.

The biggest advantage of the GE 14299 is that it does not require a neutral wire for use. Many older homes built pre-1980 do not feature neutral wires for lighting. This can present challenges when trying to upgrade the lighting in a building for use with a smart platform. Fortunately, the GE 14299 makes it possible to achieve a robust and complete smart lighting network in homes that do not feature neutral wires.

Many security systems today use Z-Wave technology. This is a wireless automation protocol that is easy to use and offers some strong advantages. By activating your system with a monitoring plan that includes home automation, you will be able to control your Z-Wave lights from virtually anywhere. This is done using a platform like Total Connect 2.0 or The GE 14299 will pair nicely with any system that features a built-in Z-Wave Controller.

If you want to achieve the longest possible wireless range for the GE 14299, you will want to make sure that you are using a Z-Wave Plus controller and Z-Wave Plus devices. As a Z-Wave Plus device, the GE14299 can be used from roughly 50 to 60 feet away from other Z-Wave Plus devices. Remember that Z-Wave devices can make up to four (4) signal hops on their way to the intended destination. You can still use the GE 14299 with classic Z-Wave devices and controllers, but doing so will reduce the wireless range to roughly 30 to 40 feet.

The GE 14299 Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Dimmer is for incandescent and halogen bulbs only. It is not compatible with LED or CFL lights. White and light almond paddles come included for added customization. A wallplate is not included, but any standard single-gang plate will work just fine. The in-wall dimmer switch fits nicely into any single-gang bracket. A traveler wire is required for multi-switch use. A great 3-way switch to use for this purpose is the GE 12723 In-Wall Add-On Switch. The GE 14299 supports up to 600W incandescent.

Brand: GE Security

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