Are There Compatible Motion Sensors for the Honeywell 6150?

No, there are not compatible motion sensors for the Honeywell 6150. The Honeywell 6150 is merely a keypad for a Honeywell VISTA System. As a keypad, the 6150 does not interface directly with any sensor. But there are plenty of motion sensors that work with the corresponding VISTA Systems.

Honeywell 6150 fixed english alarm keypad with function buttons

If you are using a Honeywell 6150 Fixed English Keypad, then it is fair to assume that you have a Honeywell VISTA System set up. Although there aren't any motion sensors that interface directly with a Honeywell 6150 Keypad, there are plenty of motion sensors that will connect with the Honeywell VISTA System that hosts the 6150 Keypad.

Since the VISTA Panels are hardwired, they will readily support most wired motion detection sensors. This includes wired motion sensors from Honeywell, as well as other manufacturers like DSC and Interlogix. For the VISTA low-P Series Panels, including the Honeywell VISTA 15P, 20P, and 21iP, you must use non-addressable motion sensors. Only the VISTA TURBO Panels like the 128BPT and the 250BPT can support addressable V-Plex Polling Loop Motion Sensors.

Additionally, if you add a compatible wireless receiver to your VISTA Panel, you will then be able to use Honeywell 5800 Series Wireless Motion Sensors with your system. There are many different wireless receiver option available for a VISTA System. There is even a special model of the Honeywell 6150 that includes a built-in wireless receiver for this exact purpose. This model of the Honeywell 6150 is called the Honeywell 6150RF, with the RF standing for "radio frequency", thereby indicating that it helps the system support wireless sensors.

Whether you go with wired or wireless motion sensors, you will want to make sure that the devices you use meet your needs. For example, you may decide that you need motion sensor with pet immunity if you have a dog or a cat frequently walking around your home. You may also decide that you want a dual-tech motion sensor to prevent any false alarms on your system.

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