Kwikset 910

Z-Wave Push Button Deadbolt Lock

Kwikset 910 z wave push button deadbolt lock polished brass
  • Kwikset 910 z wave push button deadbolt lock polished brass
  • Kwikset 910 z wave push button deadbolt lock nickel
  • Kwikset 910 z wave push button deadbolt lock

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The Kwikset 910 ZW is a Z-Wave deadbolt lock. It can replace an existing deadbolt or be installed new if you have a drill to bore the hol...
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The Kwikset 910 ZW is a Z-Wave deadbolt lock. It can replace an existing deadbolt or be installed new if you have a drill to bore the hole in your door. The Kwikset 910 series comes in two models: a Zigbee and Z-Wave option. The 910 ZW is the Z-Wave model that will integrate with Honeywell and 2GIG alarm systems via a compatible Z-Wave controller. Stay away from the 910 ZB unless you have an automation system like Control4 that uses Zigbee tehcnology. The ZB model will not work with any Z-Wave controller. This is a sleek, simple door lock designed for keyless entry using customizable codes. You can also use a key for backup.

The real value of any Z-Wave door lock is its ability to integrate with other control systems. For example, the 910 can be configured with an alarm system to disarm the panel upon entry and arm it upon single button arming on the door lock. Keyless entry and integration with an alarm system adds big value. This can be particularly useful for rental properties, shared work spaces or even corporate offices. Instead of a high-end card access system that involves added hardware, software and professional installation, just pick up this door lock and manage your employees or renters comings and going.

There are apps available depending on the Z-Wave controller you are using. Honeywell alarm systems use Total Connect 2.0 while the 2GIG panels use the platform and app. Both services have the ability to send text and/or email alerts based arming and disarming from the door lock. This makes it very easy to time stamp when anyone enters the secured premise. It is as easy as replacing your deadbolt with the Kwikset 910!

There are 3 finishes: Venetian Bronze, Polished Brass, and Satin Nickel. Depending on your door and home or business decor you can select which finish best suits your installation. User codes can be programmed to any number between 4 and 8 digits long.


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The 2gig panel should have Z-wave capabilities already, you do not need to add anything extra to pair the lock. If you have the GC3 this FAQ reviews pairing locks in more detail:
I have a 2gig alarm system and I would like to add a door deadbolt that I can remotely unlock. What add-ons would this require?
All Kwikset Z-Wave ready locks should work well with the Lyric. There are no other garage door controllers compatible outside the 5877 relay. We have a kit here:
Do you know if the Kwikset 912 Z-Wave door lock is compatible with the Lyric? Also what garage door controllers are compatible besides the Honeywell 5822T and 5877 relay?
I'm not familiar with the Wink but I'd imagine it has the option to shift it's devices to secondary controller. Have you checked your Wink and with Wink support to see if that option exists?
Correct, I have not purchased the lock but when I do, I want it paired to the Lynx. If I understand it correctly, the Lynx has to be primary. It is currently 2ndary after shifting it to the Wink. I can't see to find a way to shift it back to primary so I can do an inclusion. Thanks
I'm not sure I understand this reply. Are you saying you want to do a shift of your Z-Wave devices from the Wink back to the L7000 so that it is primary? Is the lock currently paired to either system?
Sterling - my L7000 is currently 2ndary to the Wink, I find the option/ability to switch it back to primary. The manual only talks about shifting it from primary to 2ndary.
Yes, you can pair a Z-Wave lock to your L7000 and then use the Secondary Controller function to push the lock to a 3rd party controller. You would have local control of the lock from the panel and then whatever remote control the Wink allows would let you control it remotely as well.
Before I purchase, can you please let me know if I can pair this to my L7000 panel with the L5100 module then switch to L5100 to 2ndary to my Wink hub so that I can control it via Alexa. I also have other zwave switches. I would like Alexa to lock the door but not unlock it for security reasons. Of course I want to remotely lock and unlock this using an iphone app. Thanks.
We haven't heard people using these locks complaining about a 6-10 week battery life but I do know with Z-Wave locks, it depends on the Z-Wave controller you are using for determining battery run time. Do you know if any of the reviews you reading were using it with a Honeywell alarm system?
I have seen multiple reviews that indicate that the battery life is only 6 - 10 weeks. That is really not a consumer friendly product. Are there other z-wave compaitble locks that offer 6 months + battery life?
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